World Beer Festivarians

We were in Raleigh, North Carolina in April for the World Beer Festival. It’s one of the best beer fests in the country, and we were inundated by fans the whole weekend – which was awesome. A few in particular stood out to us. Here’s what our Event Coordinator Extraordinaire Steph had to say:

These guys came to our booth first, as they love Flying Dog. They wanted to know if we would take a picture with them in front of our booth (which of course we love to do!). We were all ready to take a picture together when they realized that their camera was out of batteries, which was literally 5 minutes into the festival. The festival was nearing its end and [Flying Dog Brewery salesman] Jim L and I were wondering whether they were going to make it back to our booth for a Flying Dog shot. Well, five minutes before the festival ended the group of 8 comes running through the tent, waving their camera in their hand. This time they had batteries (they went and charged it in their car!). We finally all took a picture together. True Flying Dog fans! :)

World Beer Festivarians

Do you have any Flying Dog photos to share with the world? Email them to joshm {at} flying dog ales {dot} com and we’ll get some of ’em posted!

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