Winnie Tour Stop: Austin Grill, Rockville MD

The Winnie in Front of the Austin Grill

Get this: the Austin Grill in Rockville, MD had FIVE (yes, FIVE) styles of Flying Dog on tap.  And then a few others available in the bottle for good measure.  We felt like this was enough reason for Winnie Tour ’09 to make a stop and see what what’s shakin’.  What we found were some awesome guys that absolutely love Flying Dog and sure as shit know how to throw a party.  If you’re looking for some good fun, good beer, good music and great food, go to the Austin Grill in Rockville, MD. Now.

Big thanks to the whole crew at Austin Grill and to our friends at Premium (Montgomery County) for

Austin Grill Managers and Distributor Reps from Premium, Montgomery County

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