Win a Flying Dog Label Bag

Kat runs our labeler.  She also makes stuff – like this cool little bag, completely made out of things she found here at the brewery, including the labels that go on our bottles.

DIY Flying Dog Bag

The good news is that you can win one of these cool little bags.  (Guys, you may not be interested in toting something like this around, but it is time to start thinking about the holidays and this would make an awesome gift).  To enter to win, just make a comment on this blog post and we’ll pick a winner.  Make sure you include your email address.  Contest ends at high noon EST on 11/30/08.

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rakuette says:

that is awesome!!!

jporn says:

That will be perfect for my better half to carry beer in when she picks it up at the store for me. Because she is awsome like that.

mel says:

That would be awesome to carry my groceries around in! You guys should post a tutorial of how she made the bag so we can make our own!

Jessica says:

Super cool. I want one!

johnc66 says:

Most excellent bag!

As an avid sewer, lover of good beer, and supporter of DIY, I would love to have this bag.

If I’m not chosen to receive the aforementioned bag, could I possibly buy one?

Rock on.

dgarlit says:

Wow, this is kickass

devilpanda says:

True green living at it’s best. Can think of no better way to cart home my Flying Dog purchase from my local store. Get to sidestep the icky plastic bag!!
Great work.

Okieannie says:


Perfect Doggie Bag!
Dog followed me home one day,
Can I keep him, mom?

Flying Dog Twitters
So many to keep up with,
and I read them all!

Love yous guys!

gservo says:

i can use this when i go shopping, hells yes, ill be the cool dad, or the weird dad, or both

ddockery says:

Very cool, my wife would LOVE this. She’s actually how I found Flying Dog in the first place. She loves the artwork, so I was *FORCED* to try all the varieties so she could collect the labels.

cdiaz says:

Very ingenuous. If I dont win it, I can use this an excuse to collect more labels.

mdith says:

Oooh, what a cool bag! I always hate to discard my Flying Dog boxes ’cause they are so beautiful! Yay Ralph Steadman illustrations! This would be a great (and useful!) way to continue enjoying them without cluttering up my house even more. 😉

couchand says:

What a sweet bag. Cheers, Kat!

John says:

Enter me in this, plz. Does it come filled with delicious beer? 😉

BenStein says:

If I won it, I’d donate it to my homebrew club so we can fill it with lots of other beer goodies.

Chris says:

Hell yeah! Unique (and free) Christmas gifts RULE!

reeva says:

hey this is cool. i’d love to be the lucky winner! :)

tyler says:

wow, climbing rope for a handle? intense. and awesome. that’ll hold what, four six-packs?

tctruffin says:

Way cool! Who says men mightn’t want a tote?

3drx says:

No haiku here, just think the bag is awesome!

ladysarah says:

Can I buy one if I don’t win one?? 😀

RM says:

Love it – especially the Gonzo porter label!


devgurl says:

That bag is awesome!

Rista says:

It would be cool to pack my hubbies christmas presents in this bag… along with some beers!

Man, I wouldn’t mind holding that instead of my wifes purse during the “here hold my purse” moments of ahopping. Very nice.


The Beerbuddha

idl3mind says:

awesome bag. would be an awesome gift for a loved one that loves beer too

soph says:

Nominating it for best bag ever. The winner will surely be the coolest person on the block, if not the whole town. State? Hemisphere? I could go further than that but shall refrain.
Still, props to Kat, great work!

dropd2na says:

i’m a recent convert to the world of flying dog. needless to say, their hefe is by far one of my favorites. yay for gonzo!

p_enut says:

Count me in! Free hand made schwag rocks!

tomlovesbeer says:

That’s a nice lookin’ bag.

dawn says:

Recycling great labels from an even greater beer!

I’ll drink to that!

ottermary says:

this label bag is the coolest bag ever. i have a problem…i am sort of addicted to bags. this one would complete my collection–i swear. *twitch*

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Nicole says:

Pick me! Pick me!

jodiMD says:




Ricardo Sherman says:


bnicrhs says:

Cool bag. I would be the envy of every alcoholic in the neighborhood!

SuperSabs says:

Bad Ass!!

smccardell says:

Ok you guys are a bunch of fucking sell outs! It’s a bag. It’s nothing more than a bag, some rope and a bunch of labels. Shit let me go get an empty six pack container and make some origami and see how much you’d kiss my ass to get them for free. Pathetic. Do me a favor, do NOT pick my name to win the bag……unless it comes with an unlimited supply of flying dog beer to boot. Slainte.

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Teal'C says:

As you named it: an awesome “European Men’s Carry-All”. Thank you for your shipping Flying Dog Ales to Switzerland.

Kevin says:

I’ll be honest…I’m a guy and with grocery shopping being green and all now…we often take reusable bags to the store for groceries…well this one would be kickass to use that for.

flack says:

If good people drink good beer, why shouldn’t awesome people use an awesome bag? Hope I win this gem, WTG Kat.. looks shweeet!

r0b_b0t says:

Looks pretty smart. Reminds me of those bags made in the Philippines out of old unrecycleable juice boxes. Hope I win, the missus would love it!

mikereaser says:

If i get the bag, I’ll fill it with beer and bring it down for a saturday tour.


My husband, upon getting drunk at your brewery on his birthday in April, exclaimed profusely and repeatedly, “This is the best day of my life.”

He never used that phrase before, and he’s never used it since.

Thanks a lot, you fuckers.

Taterhole says:

An avid sewer? Scary.

Uh…where was I? I wear your shirts, I drink your beer, I’d carry that bag, but i’d look queer.

Too politically incorrect?

januszak says:

That would make a sweet gift…. I appreciate the chance to win

waltsnipe says:

You could use it to carry the head of Alfredo Garcia to the front seat of your convertible, following which you would talk to it (the head, not the bag) while feeding it tequila and Snake Dog.

eurodog says:

What a great gift pack – I’ll have it. But the comment in the Newsletter is a little over the top:
It will make for a splendid holiday gift for that special lady in your life. If that person is a man, it would be an awesome “European Men’s Carry-All”.
A European Men’s Carry-All, at least where I come from, would be stuffed with that same stuff that was to be found in the backpack of the founders of Flying Dog – you know, ‘enough contraband to pacify a herd of buffalo’.
Well: if that’s in there, don’t bother sending the gift bag. I have enough of it!
Just send the empty bag. That will do.

Wuzzy says:

Humina humina humina!

mikeyboxx says:

I would love to show this off while taking the subway back and forth to work.

seasquared says:

Arf, arf, arf! Wag*wag*wag* SO cool! Gotta have one! I’ll sit. I’ll beg. I’ll stare cross-eyed at the treat on my nose. One won’t be enough, but I’d start with one! How very clever are the people at Flying Dog. We sure do miss you in Colorado!

sailorgal says:

I will be the envy of every person in my grocery store line. Every man who passes by me in Annapolis will salivate staring at my bag. No, not because of me, but because of my bag. They will immediately go running to the nearest liquor store to buy a 6-pack, or even better, a case of Flying Dog beer. Other women will get jealous. They will want a bag. My boyfriend will ask me to walk around the house naked with a bottle of Double Dog Double Pale Ale and model. Not because I am hot, but because I have a sweet looking bag and that beer is good, real good.

I can keep going…but you get the point. Flying Dog bags are hot. I want one.


tes420 says:

I so want one of those bags! Please? I’ll be your best friend…okay so maybe this worked only in the 2nd grade. I still would like one though!

jdhx3 says:

What a cool looking bag! I would love to have something that no one else does. Plus I would be able to let everyone know that I have great taste in beer….

Rupe33 says:

Huzzah and foresooth! This bag is delightful and creates a mental paradox: should one fill it with what it was made from? Hmm…

chad says:

Me want bag! Me want Kerberos in Dallas, Texas! [begs]

czgab says:

Sweet bag. Can I have?

patrickmc says:

Looks like it’s made of labels and packing tape, sweet. I’d plan on hanging it on my bike handlebars as I ride around Baltimore.

traymona says:

Now, why haven’t I thought of this myself? I could have built a castle out of all the Flying Dog boxes I’ve thrown away.

l3v3l31ght says:

I think anytime someone’s creativity breaks out, it should be rewarded. I am REALLY glad some one else makes stuff out of beer labels besides me. Keep it up over there and thanks for the beer. later.

BadRock says:

Good Bag, No shit.

InkedUp4Life says:

Awesome bag. Would make a great birthday present to myself. My birthdays Nov. 30th.

Bill says:

Great bag to put the beer in for Christmas gifts. Where in Reno, NV can I purchase Flying Dog beer?

Biggg D says:

In the days of going green,that bag is awsome!!! Grocrey store atleast 3x’s aweek + Walmart atlease twice. Plenty of freeeeeee advertisement!!!!!!!! Pick Me.

Since my vasectomy, I have had no other reason to carry my balls around in a satchel. Upon seeing this lush creation. I am split, like my taint-the space between my balls and anus to all of you non-believers… Shall I carry rounds of ammunition in my new ball-bag, or cold gifts to friends and family that have been concocted from the flying dog brewery. Please help.

JenK says:

Here’s the thing. I’m stuck here on the east coast and have been away from Colorado for WAY too long, and thank the gods Flying Dog is here, as it’s my Colorado LIFE LINE! But, we need more. So, let me do a little free advertising, and begin my hostile takeover of New England via Colorado beer….
And I love the bag, excellent work!

desireebooth says:

Fight the good fight!

Joy Kraus says:

Youcan pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose!! Love your bag, PICK ME! PICK ME!

Lincoln says:

Dudes, nice feed baggie for the flying (double) dog! Give it to me, please??? :-)

GossimerAngel says:

That is the one of the coolest bags I’ve seen in a long time. Way to go Kat – NICE!

Kerouacrant says:

Hot Damn! I want one.

Jessaboo says:

Even if I don’t win (which I hope I do) can you ask Kat if she will post her instructions for making this? It WOULD make a GREAT gift!

CharlieM says:

Amazing bag, perfect for trips to the liquor store!!!

Johnpnj says:

Flying Dog is the best beer around, and this would make an awesome gift!

winter says:

perfect for buying some inheat wheat

colddinosaur says:

SAAAWheeeet Bag!

“You can’t be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline – it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.”
-Frank Zappa

jwns says:

cool bag to go with good beer

atwiniam says:

Anyone who knows Hunter S. Thompson, knows he loved “The Great Gatsby”: “He [Gatsby] stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and, far as I was from him, I could have sworn he was trembling. Involuntarily I glanced seaward-and distinguished nothing except a single green light…” I am Gatsby and the ‘green light’ is this bag.

JoDanzer says:

Would love to win this one of a kind bag!

Chanty says:

“Veruca, honey, I will get you one when we get home.”
“But, Daddy, I want one NOW!!”

drincup says:

Hard to compete with Switzerland…but I’d sure use it. Thanks.

kmegal says:

Ruff, Ruff, rrrrrrrrrRuff!! Ahhhwooooooooo! Ahhhwoooooooo! rrrrrrrrRuff!! me rikes ris brag!

mymarvels says:


eurodog says:

Just to make y’all jealous: I have one. it’s here, right in front of me. On my desk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. (No, The Netherlands is NOT a coffeeshop in the capital of Denmark).

And yes, the bag is pretty awesome.

I think I’m gonna use to carry my smokables around in.

I won’t tell you what the bag contained. If I did that, I am pretty sure a lot of you would melt from envy. But I can tell you it was just amazing – what a massive gift!

Thank you Flying Dog!

katmere says:

Every time I order my favorite flying dog I blush…

However, that hasn’t stopped me yet. If I get this bag, I may have to explain that blush, and thus blush more…