Welcome, Erin!

Memo to the People’s Republic of Flying Dog –

I’m excited to announce that we’ve added a new position to Flying Dog Brewery’s Marketing department. Please welcome Erin Biles, Flying Dog Brewery’s new Marketing Communications Specialist. Although we don’t always introduce new hires on our blog, Erin will be helping out by writing blog entries for us, managing the @flyingdog Twitter account, and responding to consumer inquiries through our website.

Erin Biles - Marketing Communications Specialist

I asked Erin about why she was drawn to the Craft Beer industry from her previous job as an Internet Marketing Specialist:

“I’ve always admired the imprint beer has on American culture. Almost everyone can remember cracking open their first beer. And the craft beer industry is a fascinating subculture that has a tremendous amount of passion behind it. I’m so excited to immerse myself in what I consider to be a true art form.”

We’re excited to have Erin on board as part of the Flying Dog team, and we look forward to making more conversations with you, our loyal consumers. Interested in our other employees? Head on over and take a look at our Flying Dog Mutts page, and do a little cyber-stalking, if that’s your thing.

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