We have a winner of the Flying Dog Label Bag

We now have a winner of the Flying Dog Label Bag Giveaway contest. Ben from Tempe, Arizona is the lucky winner of the bag – since it went to a man, I suppose it’s actually a European Men’s Carry-All. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty bad-ass bag and we’re sorry we couldn’t just give one to everyone.

We contacted Ben and he told us that he’s part of a non-profit Homebrew club. There’s a chance that Ben’s going to raffle off the bag to help support the club, so you might get a chance to be generous and stylish at the same time (if you win the potential raffle).

Stay tuned to this blog or our twitter feed for more unique contests as they happen! You don’t want to miss getting some of these cool one-of-a-kind-type gifts. Thanks for playing and good luck to the non-winners in the future (another term for non-winner is loser).

devilpanda says:

is there such thing as a ‘for profit’ homebrew club? i need to get in on that.

copprman says:

Wen asking for schwag for the club, it’s nice to remind people that it’s for a non profit. Just so they know you’re not taking the money raised for personal use.

We should be able to form some sort of homebrewer collective that sells beer. Helluva way to raise money…

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