The Perfect Thanksgiving Beer Pairing

We’ve been waiting almost a year for this.  Back in February when we released our new Kerberos Tripel, we put together a short, informational video with our VP of Brewing Operations, Matt Brophy. 

In that video, Eric Warner asked Matt, “What foods would pair well with Kerberos?” His answer: Thanksgiving Dinner.

Later this week, Thanksgiving Dinner will be here and there will be a Kerberos Tripel right along side our plate of Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. We can’t wait.

Watch the video below so you can bring some Kerberos to the family feast and sound all smart and sophisticated when you bust out your beer and food pairing knowledge. (If they ask you something you don’t know, send them to

Have a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, everyone.

Check out our video about Kerberos Tripel here.

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