The Baltimore Orioles Have Good Taste in Beer

The Baltimore Orioles have yours truly on their team at Camden Yards this season. Our beer will be on draft at over 20 locations in the ballpark, including the new Roof Deck bar at centerfield. We’ll also have our own storefront that will offer locally-inspired food pairings, like Old Bay corn dogs, with our beer. 

And beginning April 27, we’re hosting “Firkin Fridays” at the stadium featuring a different cask-conditioned beer at each of the Orioles’ Friday night home games. 

Our starting line-up for tomorrow’s Opening Day includes Snake Dog IPA and Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale on draft, along with Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA, Woody Creek Belgian White, Old Scratch Amber Lager, In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen, and UnderDog Atlantic Lager in bottles. 

Speaking of UnderDog, the very first cans produced at the brewery will make a special appearance tomorrow at Pickles Pub and Sliders for Opening Day. Just $4 for a can of our new Atlantic Lager starting at 5:30 am! 

alan zimmer says:

As a long time O’s fan since 1964, It’s good to see them doing something right again 🙂

B says:

Finally, great beer at at the O’s.

Will there be hawkers in the seats?


Len . says:

Dear Sirs.
You brew great beers and ales, the hoppier the better from my point of view.
As a transplanted New Englander, I still
root for the Patriots in the NFL, and the
Red Sox in baseball. Not enough of you brew is sold in North Western S.C., or North Eastern Georgia. Keep up the good work.

Steve Moore says:

I need one of those Orioles/Flying Dog signs…or at least a T-shirt with that design.

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