Spend Halloween with Flying Dog

We aren’t really sure what Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite holiday was, but Halloween had to be pretty high on the list. With a huge number of people dressing up, getting rowdy, and generally being debaucherous, Halloween is a pretty tough holiday not to love. Plus women always find a way to sexy up their outfits (which is pretty nice in itself). And if you have a spare hard-shelled suitcase, Hawaiian shirt, yellow-tinted glasses, fishing hat, typewriter, and short-pants handy, you can impersonate Dr. Gonzo himself (much to the delight of all your friends).

We’re celebrating Halloween in a few ways. Since it falls on a Saturday this year, we’ve got a special tour for you. Our tour schedule will be the same on Halloween, but if you wear a costume, you’ll get an extra beer sample, an extra raffle ticket, and you’ll also be eligible to win a fabulous prize in our costume contest!

We’ll also be celebrating Halloween at Canal Bar in Frederick, Maryland this coming Friday and Saturday nights. Snake Dog IPA and Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale on tap will be $2.50 from 4pm until close, a DJ starts at 9pm, and the costume contest judging will take place at midnight. The contest winner gets a $25 gift card and a $25 Flying Dog Gift Certificate to be used at Brewery.

Brad dresses up as Dr. Gonzo for Halloween

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