Save with the Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package

Bones, bucks, benjamins, fins, loot, dough, bacon, clams, scratch. There are so many slang terms for money, and we want you to be able to use all these terms for your money. Because Flying Dog Brewery is going to help you save a ton of coin this holiday season.

Introducing the “Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package”.

People are getting ready to line up early Friday morning at major malls, ready to stampede towards the best sale. And this year, you’re also especially eager to find a rad deal on holiday gifts, right? We don’t want you to have to get up early on your day off, just to get a screaming deal, either. Hell, we don’t even want you to have to leave the house to score some sweet stuff, and we want you to save some of your hard-earned cashola in the process.

All day on Friday, November 28, 2008, get 33% off at our online store by using the discount code BEERDRINKERBAILOUT when you check out. Save 1/3 on everything from pint glass sets to Beer Label T-Shirts to cute Women’s Hoodies.

Why should we only let the government have all the fun with all these wild and crazy bailouts? We’ve decided that we’re jumping into the bailout fray on Friday. Get all of your holiday gifts at, get a good deal and avoid the panic at the Mall.

So we can’t have beer for sale online – because it’s completely illegal – but we can have all your Flying Dog swag needs. And when you save big moolah from getting awesome deals via our bailout plan, you’ll be able to afford to buy more beer come this Holiday season. It’s a holiday miracle.

[…] at about how you could save 33% at our online store on Black Friday, through our Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package. Our thoughts were that by saving you money on holiday gifts, you’d be able to afford more […]

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