Ralph Steadman hates on an iPhone

Our favorite artist Ralph Steadman is anything but predictable (just take a look at the awesome drawings on our beer labels). You can’t be predictable when you’re a Gonzo co-conspirator along with Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. We were delighted to see this YouTube video of Ralph giving a talk at the Promax BDA conference in NYC. There’s no better way to captivate an audience than by smashing the shit out of their favorite phone.

Having seen Ralph give a presentation (on his book tour for “The Joke’s Over” in 2006), I can tell you that Ralph is one of the most unique public speakers I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Ralph’s trademark wit shines through the whole time, and he always seems to give his unique perspective on the world. If you get the chance to see Ralph speak, make it a priority to go.

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