R & D

It’s always pretty easy to find people to participate in some research and development around here. At a brewery, you can also call this process “sampling beers and exerting your opinion on anyone who will listen.”

Tuesday was R&D day for the new Trippel we’re planning to launch at the beginning of 2008. We all sampled a variety of Trippels from around the world and waxed poetic on what we smelled and tasted, while Head Brewer, Matt Brophy diligently took notes and contemplated the recipe.

trippel group

This new beer will be the 4th member of our Canis Major Series which already includes Horn Dog Barley Wine, Gonzo Imperial Porter and Double Dog Double Pale Ale. All of our Canis Majors are what can be considered “big” or “extreme” beers. They are available in 4-packs and on draft.

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