Our Twitter Screw-up

This is why we love our Flying Dog drinkers: you’re always the first to compliment the good, but also the first to point it out when we screw up.

We posted on Twitter today that we are going to award a prize to our 2000th Twitter follower.  Immediately, the lighthearted backlash began:

  • Sigafoos @flyingdog What are you, Apple, with your punishing early adopters? I keed, I keed. But give me cool stuff too 😀
  • deege @flyingdog So you’re saying I followed too early?
  • naomimimi @flyingdog so can i unfollow then follow you again? 😉

So, here is the new contest:

  1. Yes, we are still going to award a prize to our 2000th follower.
  2. BUT, we are also going to draw 10 names from our first 2000 followers and give out even cooler prizes.  So, don’t unfollow us and try to be the 2000th follower because you might get locked out of the whole thing altogether.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback.  That’s why we do this whole Twitter thing.  We love talking to everyone.  And, we need someone to straighten our ass out everyonce in a while.

JT says:

Nice idea and quick thinking!

David Jensen says:

I was about to comment on the first twitter post about the content when I notice the followup. Good idea, thanks for supporting your followers!

KiloRoam says:

I wasn’t gonna say anything, but yeah…way to fix it:)

Known Human says:

Damn right! Cooler prizes FTW, and damn good PR move.

Prizes are always a good thing. I could probably get down with some Flying Dog schwag. :)

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