National Mechanics in Philadelphia is the bee’s knees

Two Guys on Beer, Two Flying Dog Salesmen, and the Owner of National Mechanics (Paul)

Philadelphia is a big time craft beer town. One of the premier craft beer bars in town is National Mechanics on 3rd Street (follow @natmechanics on Twitter). As Joe Gomez (follow @flyingdogmidatl on Twitter), our salesman in Philly, puts it, “National Mechanics ALWAYS has a Flying Dog on tap along with other great craft selections and very good food in a very social ‘hall’ environment.”

A couple weeks ago, the Two Guys on Beer (@TGOB on Twitter) held a special event at National Mechanics where they taped their 100th vidcast (see embedded video below). We were fortunate enough to have them feature our awesome fall seasonal Märzen, Dogtoberfest. A few hundred people showed up to watch the Two Guys on Beer talk about our beer, and they polished off 3 kegs of it in about 3 hours.

More from Joe: Special Thanks to Paul Brown, owner of National Mechanics, for his Flying Dog support and just being a great guy. Also thanks to Alex Hillman (Not pictured) the Business Manager for TGOB who also helped create Independents Hall in Philadelphia, (learn more about it at

Alex Hillman says:

Hey Flying Dog, you guys rock! Thanks so much for all of the support for Two Guys on Beer and IndyHall. We hope this was just the first of many great things we can do together!

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