Meet The Stranahans

George playing the drums

If you love Flying Dog Brewery, you’ll love George (the Dog’s Founder and Owner) and Patti Stranahan (his wife).  George and Patti recently sat down with Plum TV (Aspen) at their home in Woody Creek, CO and reflected on their amazing lives.  In this 8-minute video, they talk about:

  • The “March of the Innnocents” which is what George called his 1983 adventure with 13 other “hippie mountain climbers” to the top of K2
  • How they came up with the name “Flying Dog”
  • Their relationship with Hunter S. Thompson and blowing shit up together
  • The launch of the world-famous Woody Creek Tavern

This 8-minute video is an absolute must see for anyone who’s ever enjoyed a Flying Dog beer.

Click here or the photo of George to see the video.

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