Stove Toppers — Single Hop Imperial IPA with Citra

Good people brew good beer. 

The Flying Dog Stove Toppers are a series of all-grain homebrew kits for advanced home brewers. These recipes and ingredients are straight from our brewhouse and scaled-down to fit your home brewery.

We will release one style each month, with each available for that month only. To plan ahead, pick, choose, and mark your calendar, check out the full schedule

BOX_citraBe in awe of the access to the excess… 

Citra is one of the most exclusive and in-demand hop varietals. We love it for its strong citrus and tropical fruit flavors, which come screaming through the light malt backbone of this Imperial IPA. 

Availability: On sale through May 31

Price: $55

To Purchase: Visit the Flying Dog Brewery gift shop or The Flying Barrel Home Brew Shop, both in Frederick, MD. At this time, we are not able to ship kits. 


Download specs and brewing instructions for Single Hop Imperial IPA with Citra 

Please Note:

  • Ideally, you will need a mash tun with a 12.5-gallon capacity and brew kettle with a 7.5-gallon capacity. Smaller vessels can be used, but the recipe will need to be halved and combined. 
  • Two vials of yeast are included at no extra charge. They will be packaged on ice and must be refrigerated until use. Due to the sensitive nature of yeast, viability is not guaranteed.