It’s ON, Like Ping Pong

Our Prime Minister of Marketing, Neal Stewart fancies himself hot shot Ping Pong player. He thinks he’s real tough when he has a wooden paddle and plastic ball in his hand.

Well, we’re sick of hearing about how good he is at Ping Pong. Honestly, we don’t really even believe he knows how to play, although he does claim to have some kind of fancy paddle.

We want to put him in his place, but we need your help:

We’re having our first Flying Dog Ping Pong challenge at the Gorilla Room in Littleton, CO on March 10. Here’s how you can help us shut Neal up:

-You come out to the Gorilla Room at 6pm
-Challenge Neal to a game of Ping Pong
-You beat him
-If you do, we’ll pay for your Flying Dog beer that night!

The Gorilla Room is at 5654 S. Prince Street in Littleton.

Come out and show us your Ping Pong skills!

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