In Good Hands…

Despite all our shenanigans here at Flying Dog we our proud to boast what we think is one of the most experienced and decorated brew teams in the craft beer industry. We wanted to give a little well deserved credit to the guys who keep us making Good Beer, No Shit. With CEO Eric Warner, Executive Brewer Matt Brophy and Head Brewer Bob Malone in charge of our operations there is little doubt we will continue to reign supreme for years to come. Below is a modest list of only a few of their accomplishments.

– Combined over 40 years of brewing experience, over a dozen Great American Beer Festival medals and 5 World Beer Cup medals.

Eric Warner – Lead Dog
– Graduated from the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan in 1990 and today is still one of only a handful of Americans to complete the program.
– Authored a book on German-style wheat beer that was published in 1992.
– In 1993, he co-founded Tabernash Brewing Company in Denver, known for its award-winning German-style beers.
– Joined the Flying Dog team in 1997 starting as the VP of Operations and was quickly promoted to Lead Dog (CEO) in 1999.

Matt Brophy – Executive Brewer
– Started brewing at 17 in high school after hearing Charlie Papazian on “Radio Times” an NPR radio show including winning 2nd place in a homebrew competition (for a Pilsner) before being old enough to drink beer.
– 1997 graduate of the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago, IL
– Head Brewer for Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, CO
– Head Brewer for Great Northern Tavern in Keystone, CO
– Currently Flying Dog’s Executive Brewer

Bob Malone – Head Brewer
– 1995 graduate of the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago, IL
– 2000 Associate Member of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling
– Head Brewer for Star Brewing Company
– Head Brewer for Echigo Brewing Company
– Head Brewer for Back Country Brewing Company
– Head Brewer for Big Buck Brewing Company
– Head Brewery for Copper Canyon Brewing Company
– Head Brewer for Flying Dog Brewery

Rick K says:

Head Brewmaster, Bob..
I’m enjoying your brews from afar!
Just like the days at the Copper Canyon!

Keep ’em coming bro’. You are the best! And your crew as well!

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