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The “Beer Summit” was last Thursday at the White House. Really it was a gathering of the President, a Harvard Professor and an Officer of the Peace to talk about an incident from last week. Hopefully the meaning of the pow-wow wasn’t overshadowed by something that millions of people worldwide do every day – have a beer after work. But we’re not here to discuss the tensions surrounding race and profiling. We make beer and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

In our newletter last week, we talked about how we wished President Obama would pick craft beer to be at the Beer Summit. To better make our point, about 20 brewery employees piled into our Winnebago and we drove the 42 miles down to the White House on Thursday afternoon to try to get our point across a little better.

Chanting things like “Support your local brewery” and “What do we want? Craft Beer! When do we want it? Now!”, we brought signs down to 1600 Pennsylvania and held a Gonzo March on Washington. Here are more photos from the event, with some videos to come soon.

Chell says:

Yeah, I was disappointed to hear that the president chose the big names over the craft breweries. Aside from choosing a higher class of beer you’d think he would be interested in helping out the small businesses of America when possible. This would have been a great opportunity to give some recognition to all the hardworking small brewers and business owners out there. Opportunity lost!

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