Hunterdon Distributing Visits Flying Dog Brewery

The fine folks from Hunterdon Distributing took a little road trip down to Frederick, MD last week to see our new, state-of-the-art brewery, sample some of our new brews and take a run through “The Gauntlet” (Market Street Pub Crawl).

Our very own Chris Rippe was looking forward to entertaining the Hunterdon Crew for a night and was talking a pretty big game before they got there. He kept spouting off about how he was going “show them how it’s done.” But it might have been Hunterdon who got the best of Rippe. As it turns out, it was RIPPE who was passed out at the bar at the end of the night.

We thank everyone from Hunterdon who came down for a visit and we hope you can come back soon. We promise Rippe will be put down for a nap before the festivities next time.

Hunterdon Visits Flying Dog

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