Huge Announcement: Flying Dog to Offer Low Gravity Series

Flying Dog announced today the release of a new and unique series of beers to be added to the brewery’s already extensive portfolio. The new “Canis Minor Series” will feature three new low-alcohol craft beers.

The four new styles include:

  • Hot Dog Habanero Ginger Ale – 0.9% ABV, 2 IBU
  • Unicorn Dog Sparkling Barley Wine-style Ale – 1.9% ABV, 4 IBU
  • Herberos Belgian-style Root Beer Lager- 1.59% ABV, 7 IBU

Unicorn Dog Barley Wine-Style AleHerberos Belgian-Style Root Beer LagerHot Dog Habanero Ginger Ale

“Our new Canis Minor series allows us to open some new distribution channels like the State of Utah and the Food (grocery) channel in Colorado that we previously didn’t have access to since we only brewed ales and lagers over 4% ABV,” said Neal Stewart, Flying Dog’s prime minister of marketing. “We also conducted a lot of research and found that consumers all over the country are looking for unique and great tasting craft beers that are lower in alcohol than mainstream craft beers.”

Flying Dog’s VP of Brewing Operations, Matt Brophy said that the pilot and brewing process was a challenge due to the the peculiar nature of the brews. “When the Marketing Department originally presented this idea to the production team, we thought they were nuts. But the more we piloted the product and test marketed it, the more we became convinced that low gravity might be the next big thing in craft beer,” said Brophy.

All four styles will roll out nationally in June. To celebrate their release, Flying Dog will be hosting a variety of Canis Minor Beer Dinners in major markets around the country.

OK, if you’ve gotten this far and didn’t know it yet, this is an April Fool’s joke. But based on comments, we might be brewing a Habanero Ginger Beer in the near future. Maybe.



Funny though 😉

[…] may want to subscribe to our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!With today’s announcement of the Flying Dog Canis Minor Series, our new low-alcohol brews, we think it’s only fitting to announce the first-ever beer dinner […]

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Tech57 says:

It’s like lite beer or decaffinated coffee….why bother?

josh says:

We did a few months of intensive market research, focus grouping and test marketing to ensure that consumer demand was high enough. Look at the graph on our sell sheet to see how important this emerging demographic of low-acohol consumers is:


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Milwaukee Brewer says:

Mmmmmmm, bottled water.

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[…] Dog today unveiled a new “Canis Minor Series” that will feature four low-alcohol craft […]

Milwaukee Brewer says:

good one

David Rivers says:

LMAO. What a terrible proposition. I already have to pee enough just to get buzzed drinking regular beers!

[…] Flying Dog Brewery outdid the competition or at least what I saw, announcing a new line of low-alcohol beers aimed at an untapped market. The series is dubbed, “Canis Minor,” the antithesis of the brewery’s Canis Major Series. […]

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beersnob1 says:

Still, these beers would blow away Crapweiser products

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[…] it is no longer — SPOILER ALERT! — April The First.Flying Dog today unveiled a new “Canis Minor Series” that will feature four low-alcohol craft beers:• Hot Dog Habanero Ginger Ale – 0.9% ABV, 2 IBU […]

FlushWithPride says:

One in 3 Asians and half of Ashkenazi Jews have lack the enzyme to process alcohol. If I have just 8 ounces of beer I flush bright red, get sleepy, etc. Those of us with this gene are susceptible to throat cancer if we drink a lot. I would love a low-alcohol craft brew.

LewBryson says:

Funny to go that low, but there IS a market for lower-alcohol craft beers. Yards Brawler is doing real well in the craft-sophisticated Philly market at only 4.2%. The General Lafayette Inn regularly brews a 2.9% Belgian pale (Mirage) that I’ll cheerfully drink two pints of at lunch and drive home. Your balls-out brewing might be missing something: low alcohol does NOT mean low flavor.

Nici29NN says:

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