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Whether it be suppliers, distributors, or retailers – anyone who has worked directly with Flying Dog Brewery at any point in the past 10 years, has probably worked with Mike Freeman in some capacity.  Mike is Flying Dog’s longest standing employee and has worked in everything from Sales to Warehouse to Purchasing to running the whole damn Brewery.

In April, Mike was diagnosed  with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor, also known as GBM. GBM is the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor. It is unknown what causes this tumor; unlike some brain tumors that spread from other cancer cells in the body, it starts in the brain.

All of Mike’s friends and his extended family at Flying Dog have come together and organized an event to help pay for some of Mike’s medical expenses.  The event, called “Rock The Mike: The Freeman Brainefit” is on August 23 in our old brewhouse in Denver (2401 Blake).  Not only does the event feature some of Denver’s best Punk Rock bands, all of the proceeds go straight to Mike.

We hope to see you come out on 8/23 to help us Rock the Mike! Click on the image below for more details.

Brainefit Poster 01

For more information, please visit:

Mike’s Caring Bridge Site

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