Head to Head: Flying Dog Challenges Iron City

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There’s nothing friendly about the long standing rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But this week, as the black birds of Baltimore prepare for their big game against their rivals to the west, Flying Dog Brewery has got something – well – brewing.

Frederick, MD based, Flying Dog Brewery is throwing the red flag and challenging Iron City Brewing Company of Pittsburgh, PA – home of the terrible towel – to a friendly wager. The terms? The brewery whose home team goes flat on Sunday must toast the victors with their opponent’s beer, while fully clad in their opponent’s gear.

“Everyone knows that our co-conspirator, Hunter S. Thompson was a huge football fan, so in true Flying Dog spirit, we’ve added something a little extra special to this weekends big game,” said Flying Dog General Partner, Jim Caruso. “We admire the fact that Iron City is willing to put their beer where there mouth is.  Or should we say our beer where there mouth is?”

Jacob says:

As a fan of Flying Dog and the Pittsburgh Steelers, I really can’t loose.

I hope Iron (pronounced “Arhn” in these parts) City takes the bet.

Mark says:

Pittsburgh is my home town and “Arhn City” was my 1st beer. I drink Flying Dog on a regular basis but I want the Steelers to win. What’s a Flying Dog beer loving Steelers fan to do?

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PennBrew says:

Why is a Denver based company promoting a Baltimore-Pittsburgh game?

lortz of pgh/den says:

hey PennBrew, they moved to Frederick, MD. i have no idea why they’d leave a state that is so well-known for its awesome microbrews.

i like flying dog. i miss penn brewery. i’ll stand by ahrn, but don’t make me drink it.

josh says:

Well, we have dual citizenship, so to speak. True, our brewery is in Maryland, but we still ship a shitload of beer to Colorado. And we still have offices here in Denver (which is where I’m typing to you right now).

So although our beloved Broncos aren’t in it this year, we still have some adopted home teams (the brewery in MD is split between the ‘Skins and the Ravens).

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