Happy holidays from Flying Dog Brewery

Being Flying Dog, we do things a little differently, including season’s greetings.

Flying Dog 2008 Holiday Card

But we’re not just inundating you with a holiday card with no substance.

Pair Your Holiday Food With Flying Dog Beer

Different beers pair with different foods, so use this guide for picking out the perfect beer to pair with various courses of your holiday feast.

Christmas Pairings:
Sharp Cheddar and Crackers: Double Dog Double Pale Ale
Candied yams: Old Scratch Amber Lager
Ham or Turkey: Kerberos Tripel
Pecan Pie: Gonzo Imperial Porter

Hanukkah Pairings:
Latkes and Apple Sauce: In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen
Brisket: Gonzo Imperial Porter or Road Dog Porter
Jelly Donuts: Kerberos Tripel

Festivus Pairings:
Meatloaf: Old Scratch Amber Lager

[…] to you a special holiday greeting, in the way that only Flying Dog could do it. Check out our Holiday Card over at – our Visual Viceroy, Josh, would like to sincerely apologize to our friend (and artistic cohort) […]

sunburnsarah says:

Santa needs a beer!

[…] here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!A few weeks age we started a contest that gives you the chance to win free shit from us just by rating our beer on twitter. Technically the contest ended two hours ago, but […]

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