Gonzo Idea #2

There has been a rash of books and documentaries about Hunter S. Thompson in the past two years and surprisingly, most of them are worth the money.  But for the true, hardcore HST fan, there may be no better purchase than The Gonzo Tapes.

The Gonzo Tapes

The Gonzo Tapes is a 5-CD set featuring Dr. Gonzo’s personal commentary and notes that he recorded before, during and after writing some of his most famous books like Hell’s Angels and Political Trail.

We want to warn everyone that this may not be the best gift for the “casual” HST fan.  The customer reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that the most loyal of HST fans will love it and another review on Tripwire found The Gonzo Tapes to be “boring.” So do a little research of your own before inking this on your holiday shopping list.

Unfortunately, we here at Flying Dog aren’t on the “comp list” and haven’t had a chance to listen yet – so we’re going to buy our own copy and hold judgment for ourselves.

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