Gonzo and In-Heat Wheat outshine the competition

SimplyBeer.com has been conducting a series of “Beer Brawls”, where a group of guys buy a group of similar beers from a group of great American craft breweries. They drink these brews and talk about them in a lengthy podcast.

Episode 15 featured a variety of Hefeweizens from the US and Europe. Our In-Heat Wheat was among the sampled beers and was received quite warmly.

Episode 17 was all about American Porters, and people really loved drinking our Gonzo Imperial Porter, and we can’t say that we blame them! Honestly, though, it wasn’t really fair, as Gonzo destroys the competition pretty much everywhere it’s sampled.

So take a listen to the podcasts over at Simply Beer while you’re working this week. Because if you can’t have beer at work, thinking about beer comes in a close 2nd.

Mike says:

They do a great job over there!

Yeah, Peter has been doing a great job with those Beer Brewls. He’s the one who gave me the idea to try the In-Heat Wheat myself over the summer. Good beer!

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