Gary Busey discusses Dr. Gonzo

Friday. The last day of most of your work weeks. And we all know that Fridays are the day to take long lunches, get your fantasy football team ready, and slack and watch videos on the internet.

And they’re also a day to reflect on our hero, Hunter S. Thompson. So check out this Starz interview of Gary Busey, where he talks about Hunter. Well, mostly about Hunter.

Just remember what F.E.A.R. and D.O.U.B.T. are (what the hell was that all about in the video?).

Slipstream says:

You gotta watch this. It’s the Presidential debate but with Mr. T as Obama and Gary Busey as Mccain. It is so funny I just can’t stop laughing. I have the voices on my GPS that I got from but seeing them like this is just brilliant!

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