GABF Photoblogging and Photo On Demand

As many of you know, we have a variety of things going this week at the Great American Beer Festival.  For those of you that are making the trip to Denver, we encourage you to come by for a Brewery Tour, stop by our booth or come to our Zombie Dance Post-GABF Parties on Friday and Saturday Nights.

But we also want to include those of you that can’t make this year’s festival. 

Starting Wednesday and going thru Saturday Night, we will be posting photos, blog entries and video at various sites online.

But this is where you come in:

We’re looking for suggestions on what you would like to see us take photos of. 

  • Is there a particular brewery booth you would like to see? 
  • Is there a particular person you would like us to take a picture of? 

Let us know by simply emailing your photo ideas to joshm@flyingdogales.com or sending him a text at 303.246.4873 (please include your name in the message).  Josh will be at the festival and your email will go straight to his iPhone while he’s roaming around.  He’ll take your direction and do his best to take the photo you are looking for and then it will automatically post to our Flickr page. 

We encourage you to use these photos for your own blogs as you see fit.  If you have any questions, feel free to email Josh.

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Aaron G. says:

yeah, take a picture of Jared Dudley.. should be walking around in an R&J’s machine shop work jacket.. 6’4″, big guy. I’ll take glossies, thanks!

josh says:

I’ll try my best to get that photo tonight, Aaron!


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