@FlyingDog #BitchSession aka #TweetUp in a City Near You

(Translation for the Twitterverse virgins: Flying Dog Brewery is holding gatherings for its Twitter followers in cities near you.)

2010, our 20th anniversary, is the year of the Raging Bitch. So for those familiar with all things @ and #, some call them TweetUps, but we call them Bitch Sessions – Gonzo gatherings of Flying Dog Twitter followers. What do we do? Simple: Eat, drink, and tweet…with a few beer specials, schwag, and entertainment mixed in between.

Our market managers in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Philadelphia, New York City, and Denver will hold Bitch Sessions on the first Thursday of every month, starting January 7. So far, we have the following planned:

  • Urbana, MD: Buffalo Wild Wings and Beer, 7 to 9 pm
  • DC: The Big Hunt, 5 to 8 pm ( @flyingdogjt on Twitter)
  • Arlington, VA: Rustico, 5 to 8 pm (@flyingdogva on Twitter)
  • Denver: Paramount Cafe, 4 to 6 pm

Want more info? Want to stay up-to-date? Become a part of the 21st Century and follow @flyingdog on Twitter.

Good Burp says:

What about Arizona? 69 degrees outside. I think we deserve a stop.

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