Flying Dog’s ales arrive at Tesco in Merry Olde England

Over the last 500 years, the English have done their fair share of invading the United States. Whereas we appreciate lots of the infrastructure they provided in the early years of the New World, we felt it was only fair to return the favor. Effective this week, we’re excited to announce that two Flying Dog beers have invaded about 300 Tesco stores in the UK (Tesco is the largest retail chain in the UK).

UK members of the People’s Republic of Flying Dog, you can now find our Classic Pale Ale and Gonzo Imperial Porter there!

We talked a little with Rick from Bierenco, our awesome EU distributor, about our award-winning beer being selected by Tesco.

“In short: Tesco runs their Drink Awards. The aim is to allow small drinks producers, who would normally not end up at the buyer’s table, to gain a listing there. Besides a number of regional awards (where a Welsh brewery may win listing in Welsh stores), there are only four national listings. This means the large Tesco stores will all list these beers; smaller shops and specialized ‘to go’ stores won’t.

The four national categories are lager, ale & bitter, porter & stout, and special (like wheat or fruit beer).

Flying Dog Brewery scooped up two of these spots, beating the English on their own turf. (read more about our Victory here)

There were 400 entries to the Tesco Drinks Awards, 240 of which were for beer. Beers were judged from: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Wales.

The beers are evaluated according the the following criteria

• Appearance, out of 5
• Aroma, out of 5
• Taste, out of 10
• After-taste, out of 5
• Overall, out of 15

We’re as pleased as a dog drinking out of a punch bowl to be available in Tesco stores. If you live in the UK, swing by and pick up some Flying Dog beer, your favorite imported American Craft Beer. If you have friends in the UK, you need to be telling them to go pick up some.

Mine are in the fridge and waiting for the weekend to kick in. Awesome that we can now get Flying Dog at the supermarket!

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