Flying Dog lands at the Waco Wine Festival

Waco Wine Festival 02.JPG

The Waco Wine & Food Festival was held this past weekend in sunny Waco, Texas. Yes, it said it was a wine festival, but there was also beer there, including Flying Dog. The event was held in centennial Park, with over 2000 people there, about
200 beers and wine from over 40 countries. Great music, food, and perfect weather didn’t hurt, either.

We sampled a wide variety of beers: Doggie Style, In-Heat Wheat, Woody Creek White, Dogtoberfest, Tire Bite, Snake Dog, and Double Dog. Proudly representing us were Jeff Daniels of Artisanal beverage along with some people from Glazer’s (our Texas State distributor). Thanks a bunch, guys!

Waco Wine Festival 01.JPG

Our wine club attended the Waco Wine Festival and will serve Flying Dog at our next club gathering for the guys and some of the girls. Jeff did an awesome job serving and entertaining the guests.



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