Flying Dog Is A Huge Deal In Norway!

Gonzo Imperial PorterBelow is a recent Press Release from our European import partners, Bier and Company. Gonzo Imperial Porter was voted the best imported beer in Finland for 2007. We are taking this bitch international.

‘Why give Ceasar what Ceasar’s is’: okay, but still recognition and appreciation are very welcome! It is with great pride we learned of Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter being elected as ‘best importbeer in Norway – 2007’.
This goes to prove it: we may be convinced that we have some winners on our hands, and proudly offer a little gem to the market, but receiving honors like these from the independant ‘Norske Oelvenners Landsforbund’ or ‘The Norwegian National League of Beerlovers’, is the biggest slap on the back you could hope for – thanks!
Funnily enough the jury did not have an easy task, as the majority of special beer in Norway is still being sold through the State Monopoly, who didn’t launch the beer until January 2008. However, the Norwegian distributor managed to convince a couple of specialized and dedicated beer bars in Norway to list this brilliant brew before the shops did and so Gonzo took top-honors in 2007. Had he not, we would have had to wait a year for this medal. Again, thanks!
It’s not the first time, and won’t be the last either, for Gonzo to be awarded a prestigeous prize. And do stay alert, you people out there, for there are many, many more great beers coming your way from the States and who knows what they will win – well, we’d hope they will win your heart for them! Cheers!
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