Flying Dog Employee to Volunteer in Haiti

The entire world is still in shock from the catastrophic earthquake that struck the small nation of Haiti in January. Most of us can only do so much, but Emily Wardrick, a part-time tour guide and bartender at Flying Dog Brewery, is doing much more.

From March 15 through March 24, Emily is traveling to Haiti to volunteer with the His Hands for Haiti organization. “With the unknown outcome of relief efforts, we will be willing to do whatever comes our way,” she said.

This will be Emily’s second trip to Haiti. She first traveled there to volunteer last year, which was when the picture below was taken.


Emily will be staying northeast of Port-Au-Prince, an area that has been receiving little supplies since the quake. Her travel will be provided by Missionary Flights International, which provides mission aviation to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.

On behalf of the entire People’s Republic of Flying Dog, we are proud to support Emily, who said, “With the devastation that has taken place in that country and the opportunity that walked into my life to go back, I just have to trust that it is the time for me to return.”

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