Flying Dog Cleans Up at the Tesco Drinks Awards

If you’ve ever been over to the other side of the pond, you probably know the name Tesco.  Tesco is the world’s fourth largest retailer and every year they approve a few new beer brands to be sold in their stores.  It’s a heated competition and a pretty big deal to have your beer approved for distribution.

So we were excited to have our Classic Pale Ale approved, but even more excited when Gonzo Imperial Porter was ALSO approved. Of the four spots available, Flying Dog took TWO!

For more details, click here or on the image below:

Flying Dog Cleans Up at Tesco Drinks Awards

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eurodog says:

Congratulations to all in Flying Dog brewery! One can only say that your beers deserve these kinds of honors – they’re just mighty fine brews.
On we go with converting beer infidels in Europe! On you go with brewing some great beers!

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