Flying Dog Beer Radness

It’s the time of year when words like “brackets”, “Cinderella” and “office pool” (hello, Rick Neuheisel) sneak into almost everyone’s vernacular.  Time to fill out your brackets and predict who will take it all.

Well, we like talking about beer more than trying to figure out if Cleveland State has any chance against Wake Forest, so we’ve put together our own bracket to figure out what Flying Dog beer is the best.  And you thought it was tough to predict those pesky 8/9 match-ups?!

To start off, we have a couple “play in” match-ups:

Snake Dog IPA vs. Road Dog Porter and In-Heat Wheat vs. Tire Bite Golden Ale. Click on the links to vote and on the image below for the full bracket.  Voting on the first round will go on through Thursday at 11:43 EST

Flying Dog Beer Radness

And why did we call it Beer Radness?  Well, we couldn’t say March ***ness because CBS tends to get a little weird when people use their catch phrasses without permission.  And there is already another “beer madness”.  Plus, all of our beers are “rad” … and it rhymes with the other, more well-known phrase.  So there.

jeffporn says:

Here is my prediction.
Doggie Style vs Old Scratch, Woody vs Garde Dog. Then Doggie Style vs Woddy, Doggie winning.
Then Barrel aged Gonzo vs Dog Schwarz.
Barrel Aged Gonzo Winning.
Gonzo vs Double Dog, Gonzo Winning
Barrel Aged Gonzo vs Gonzo, Gonzo winning
Gonzo vs Doggie Style
Gonzo for the win!!

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