Flying Dog Beer Dinner at the Magnificent Magnolia’s at the Mill

Last Thursday’s Flying Dog Beer Dinner at Magnolia’s at the Mill was nothing short of divine. The menu and pairings were the brainchild of Executive Chef Mark Marocco. Needless to say, we want to relive these tastes over and over again.

First course: Guajillo pepper seafood tostada with avocado and pico de gallo, paired with our 20th anniversary Belgian-style IPA, Raging Bitch

  • Our Bitch combines big citrus hops with fruity Belgian yeast, all of which showed the spicy pepper whose boss.
  • The balance of caramel malt brought out the sweetness of the tomato beautifully.

Second course: Mozzarella en corrozza with an anchovy garlic sauce, paired with our Old Scratch Amber Lager

  • The Scratch made the salt and garlic slap you in the face.
  • Those same those flavors brought out a tart tanginess in the amber lager.

Third course: Shrimp and white cheddar grits with tasso ham, paired with Nitro charged Double Dog Double Pale Ale

  • Double Dog is smooth, creamy and sweet on nitro.
  • It brought out the creamy, buttery flavors of the cheddar grits while emphasizing each protein equally.

Fourth Course: Ale braised Shepherd’s Pie (ground lamb and beef with hickory smoked whipped potatoes), paired with our Dogschwarz Smoked Double Lager

  • The roasted, smokiness of the malt combined with the hickory smoked potatoes and braised meats was perfect.

Dessert: Chocolate pistachio mascarpone cannoli, paired with our Gonzo Imperial Porter

  • The chocolate, vanilla and nutty combination created an almost toffee-like taste.

Finale: A vertical tasting of Horn Dog Barleywine and vintage 2006 oak-aged Horn Dog Barleywine

We tasted a newly-packaged Barleywine alongside the same brew aged for almost four years in oak whiskey barrels. The difference was profound. As it ages, Horn Dog becomes more complex, bringing out the brown fruit flavors and transforming into a sherry-like nightcap. And a nightcap it was.

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