Flying Dog Announces Transition to New Lead Dog

Eric Warner has announced that after eight years of record growth during his tenure as CEO at Flying Dog Brewery, he will be leaving in search of a fresh, new challenge, effective September 1, 2008.  According to Eric, “Eight years as CEO is a long time in that position in this or any other industry.  I could not be prouder of all that’s been accomplished and I want to make a change while I’m at the top of my game.”

Eric added “I would not be comfortable making this move unless there was someone who I felt shared the same passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to Flying Dog that I do and who could seamlessly step in and build on the momentum we’ve created.  I am therefore pleased to announce that effective July 1st, Jim Caruso will be General Partner and CEO of Flying Dog Brewery and I will advise and assist him for the next two months.”

Jim has been affiliated with Flying Dog since 1995 and has served as the company’s Chairman since 1999.  “There is no greater joy than being part of the wonderful, wacky and irreverent world of Flying Dog,” Jim said.  “I love beer, and I have extraordinary respect for the talent and dedication of all the people who are the company, and I could not be prouder of what Flying Dog stands for.”

Flying Dog’s bold, craft beers combined with its purposefully irreverent view of the world are Flying Dog’s defining characteristics.  This year, Flying Dog beer drinkers will enjoy more than 14,000,000 bottles of its beers in 46 states and in countries throughout Europe.

Join The People’s Republic of Flying Dog at FlyingDogAles.com.

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