Fighting For His Right to the Bitch!

Chad Ober lives in New Hampshire, the land of “Live Free or Die.” And he wants one thing: Raging Bitch.

Unfortunately, the State of New Hampshire has banned wholesalers and retailers from carrying Raging Bitch. Why? Because one person (Chief of Liquor Enforcement Eddie Edwards) doesn’t like the name.

In protest, Chad started a Facebook page titled “BEER DRINKERS FOR FLYING DOG RAGING BITCH IN NH.” On the page, he requests that “anyone joining this group needs to have a desire for all beers to be available to the public, regardless of silly things like names!”

We could not agree more.

It is an outrage that one person can arbitrarily over-rule the rights of wholesalers, retailers, and beer lovers throughout an entire state. We are proud to have Chad in the People’s Republic of Flying Dog and wholeheartedly support his quest for the Bitch.

Mr. Edwards, if you’re reading this, our CEO Jim Caruso has called you a few times to discuss this with you. He would very much appreciate a call back.

[…] Spent some time at the Flying Saucer and sampled a few new beers there as well.  The Flying Dog Doggy Style was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils. Flying Dog is receiving some interesting press regarding their 20th Anniversary Release, check it here. […]

Manchester Resident says:

Eddie Edwards, the enforcement chief, is an out of control prohibitionist. He tried to impose a one-drink-per-hour rule; called alcohol a worse drug than crack or heroin; and opposes designated drivers because they let people drink. He singles out certain bars for harassment, but leaves others alone, playying favorites. He’s bad news all around.

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