Limited-Edition Dr. Dog Single Out Now in Shock & Awe Variety Packs

Dr Dog vinyl

It’s a match made in indie (and convenient naming) heaven.

We’ve partnered with Dr. Dog on their new album B-Room, which came out September 30, and their newest single “Distant Light.” A limited-edition 7″ flexi vinyl of “Distant Light” is available now exclusively in our Shock & Awe variety packs. 

We also sat down with the band for a performance of three additional songs off of the new album and a Q&A with questions from our staff.

What dead president would the band spend seven minutes in heaven with? Watch for the answer: 

“Broken Heart” + Q&A with the band

“Too Weak To Ramble”

“The Truth”

To find availability of our variety packs near you, plug your 90210 into our Beer Finder

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