Don’t let these people give you candy next Halloween

Brad dresses up as Dr. Gonzo for Halloween What do you do if you’re in New Orleans during Halloween? Dress up like Dr. Gonzo, that’s what! Brad was there and spent the last day of October in style. And always remember to bring your trusty attorney with you, especially whilst spending Halloween in The Big Easy.

Siobhan does it Doggie Style for Halloween 01And friend of Flying Dog Siobhan dressed up like our Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale and partied the night away with us during our Flying Dog Pub Crawl down “The Gauntlet” in scenic Frederick, Maryland. Now we don’t want to presuppose anything, but you’re in for a pretty good night if you’re dressed up as anything called “Doggie Style”.

We sort of sprung this concept on you people a little late this year, but rest assured there will be a contest next year, so get started on your costume and win some shit.

idl3mind says:

awesome costume Siobhan!

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