Canis Major Mixed Packs Hitting the Shelves

Are you afraid of commitment?  Like big, bad ass beers?  It’s ok.  Our Baron von Marketing, Chris Rippe has similar issues.

The good news is that we have the perfect fix  – our Canis Major Mixed Pack.  Now you can sample all four of our Canis Major beers in one handy four pack.  Then, once you realize you are ready to profess your true love to Gonzo Imperial Porter, Double Dog Double Pale Ale, Horn Dog Barley Wine or the new (and super tasty) Kerberos Tripel, you can go out and buy a 4-pack of your own.

The even better news is that our Canis Major beers don’t mind if  cheat on them, as long as it’s with someone in the same pack.

Canis Major Mixed Pack

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ChipperDave says:

Bravo for putting together this kind of a sampler pack. I wish more breweries did something like this in smaller packages. All too often the sampler packs come in 12-packs and you’re forced to test 3 or 4 of the same beer. This way, you have 4 separate tastes with no repeats. Just exactly what people like me want to buy before “investing” in a separate 4, 6 or 12 pack.

TotallyGonzo says:

Any plans to bring Flying Dog to Ireland? I have a raging thirst for this since I lived in Colorado.We are good people here, and we drink good shit!

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