Friday. The last day of most of your work weeks. And we all know that Fridays are the day to take long lunches, get your fantasy football team ready, and slack and watch videos on the internet.

And they’re also a day to reflect on our hero, Hunter S. Thompson. So check out this Starz interview of Gary Busey, where he talks about Hunter. Well, mostly about Hunter.

Just remember what F.E.A.R. and D.O.U.B.T. are (what the hell was that all about in the video?).



Kat runs our labeler.  She also makes stuff – like this cool little bag, completely made out of things she found here at the brewery, including the labels that go on our bottles.

DIY Flying Dog Bag

The good news is that you can win one of these cool little bags.  (Guys, you may not be interested in toting something like this around, but it is time to start thinking about the holidays and this would make an awesome gift).  To enter to win, just make a comment on this blog post and we’ll pick a winner.  Make sure you include your email address.  Contest ends at high noon EST on 11/30/08.

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I voted....  65/365

Today is going down in history as one of the biggest election days and Flying Dog wants to reward the people that went out and made a difference! For the next 5 days we are offering a 25% discount on our Doggie Ware to everyone that voted.  Go to our online webstore and enter the code IVOTED to receive your 25% off!

After you do that, go pick up a 6-pack of your favorite Flying Dog brew and celebrate your right to vote!



Attention slackers:

If you’re looking for costumes the day before Halloween, you’re probably in trouble. Our suggestion is to dress up like your favorite beer from Flying Dog Brewery. Just like the people below, who make themselves into mega-sized Flying Dog bottles, you’ll be the life of the party.

Flying Dog Bottles as a Halloween costume

Take photos of your costume and party and email me at joshm [at] flyingdogales {dot} com, and I’ll post your photos on our blog.

Here are some suggestions on how to take care of this (some easy, some hard):

• If you’ve got some cardboard and some scissors, you can easily make some Flying Dog wings and a propeller. Duct tape them to your back and you’re automatically turned into Doggie Style. As the night wears on, you’ll probably be able to pick up some ladies just by saying that you’re “Doggie Style”.
Doggie Style

• A skull mask, cowboy hat, cigarette holder and plastic gun instantly turns you into Gonzo Imperial Porter. Trade out the skull for yellow-tinted sunglasses if you want to go as Hunter S. Thompson.

• A vertical striped shirt, sunglasses and some handcuffs turns you into a pretend Road Dog. To make the shirt out of a solid color shirt, use tape to make the stripes. Take it easy on Friday, because you most likely don’t want to experience the real thing. Trust us on this.
Road Dog

• Remember that time you went to Deutschland and came back with those leiderhosen you bought when you were completely wasted at Oktoberfest? There’s no better time to wear them with a friend and become our GABF gold-winning Dogtoberfest. Pair with a couple of large steins and you’re golden.

• Ooh, another really easy one. Grab some Depends, and 2 beer mugs. You are now Double Dog Double Pale Ale. Drink hoppy beer all night in style. It helps if you are really hairy. Maybe it’s time to bust out the fur coat a little early if you want to look more canine-esque.
Double Dog

• Go to your favorite beer store and ask for their old case carriers of Flying Dog. Cut out the tops and bottoms of each case and stack them together, and you’ve just become a mobile Flying Dog display. This is probably the easiest option if you can get the case carriers. Most liquor stores have these in the back. P.S.: Make sure you can use “the facilities” or it’s going to be a long evening.

• Do you tend to get a lazy eye when you drink? If that’s the case, you’ll be a spitting image of our very own Chris Rippe. Talk dirty to people, quote liberally from The Big Lebowski, and drink lots of Snake Dog and you’re good to go. (he’s the guy on the right)
Fox and Rippe at the (unofficial) GABF After-Party at Flying Dog Brewery

Hopefully these suggestions will turn you into that person without a costume into someone with one of the best costumes that didn’t take too long to put together.



Some of the sales crew and Pitt alums from Premium Ohio, one of our all-star distributors, recently visited their alma mater for a tailgate party Flying Dog style. The Panthers took a beating at the hands of Rutgers but at least they had Flying Dog to drown their sorrows. At Pitt, win or lose, they still booze. Below are the pics.



Waco Wine Festival 02.JPG

The Waco Wine & Food Festival was held this past weekend in sunny Waco, Texas. Yes, it said it was a wine festival, but there was also beer there, including Flying Dog. The event was held in centennial Park, with over 2000 people there, about
200 beers and wine from over 40 countries. Great music, food, and perfect weather didn’t hurt, either.

We sampled a wide variety of beers: Doggie Style, In-Heat Wheat, Woody Creek White, Dogtoberfest, Tire Bite, Snake Dog, and Double Dog. Proudly representing us were Jeff Daniels of Artisanal beverage along with some people from Glazer’s (our Texas State distributor). Thanks a bunch, guys!

Waco Wine Festival 01.JPG



The big night is less that two weeks away: Election Night.  Maybe it’s because we work in the beer business, but it seems like the three debates were great nights to sit back, pontificate on who made a better showing and drink a good beer.  Election Night ’08 should be no different.

Here are some ideas on what to drink on what should prove to be high drama…at least for a Tuesday Night.

  • If you think your candidate or political party is getting screwed, drink some Doggie-style Classic Pale Ale.
  • Maybe you’ve been Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail?  If so, Gonzo Imperial Porter is the beer for you.
  • Feeling bitter about the election? Your sorrows will love Double Dog Pale Ale or Snake Dog IPA.
  • Does the political process arouse you? Well if so, you’re a bit of a sicko.  And you should try some Horn Dog Barley Wine.
  • Think this country is going to Hell in a Hand-basket with our newly elected leaders?  You’ll need a dog to guard your gates in Hell, so grab some Kerberos Tripel.
  • Just want celebrate your right to vote?   No better to do that with than our Road Dog Porter.  After all, it is that beer that fought the Government all the way to the Colorado Supreme Court for the right to freedom of speech…and won.
  • Celebrating your candidate’s big win? Then pretty much anything will taste good, but we’ll recommend Old Scratch Amber Lager, since it’s won a bunch awards itself.

No matter how you vote, drink responsibly.  And no matter how you drink, vote responsibly.

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Well, we should start this off by letting you that it’s not going to be cheap. But our majority owner George Stranahan is selling his ranch up in Woody Creek, Colorado. Even if you can’t afford it, the Denver Post article is a great read and gives some good insight about George and his relationship with his friend Hunter S. Thompson.



We’ll have more on this in our newsletter, but we wanted to let everyone know that Flying Dog Brewery once again picked up some medals at the 2008 Great American Beer Fest. Dogtoberfest Märzen is the proud owner of a Gold Medal, and Old Scratch Amber Lager is a Silver Medalist. We’re very excited to get this recognition, and Scratch keeps on winning medals left and right (it also was a Silver Award winner at this year’s World Beer Cup).

Winning medals isn’t easy. We want to give a big shout out to our entire production team. It truly is a team effort on this shit, from the Brewers to the Cellarmen to the Packaging department to Quality Control. Way to make us look good, guys!

But really what makes us happy is knowing that our consumers are happy with our award-winning ales. We’re doing this to make you people happy.



One of the best things about GABF is that people from all over the world come to Denver to, ahem… talk business. We had the pleasure of meeting our distributors from Sweden and talk some shop over a couple pints. And guess what! We’re HUGE in Sweden!

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