The guys from Brouha House stopped by our booth at the Dayton AleFest a couple weeks back.  They run a blog called “The Brouha Blog” and are also in the process of starting a BrewPub in Louisville, KY.

They also brought their mascot, “Bud” to the event and took his picture at our booth.  Apparently, Bud gets around…especially if he’s hanging out with Lutz.

Bud and Jim

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Whether it is Yahtzee, pen twirling, drinking, or paper airplane making, cup stacking, or fast forwarding through TV commercials on TiVo (my specialty) – everyone is #1 at something.  We just happen to be #1 in a category that people actually care about- Top Breweries!

Beer Quest 2008 recently took a tour around the country and ranked their favorite beers and breweries.  Per the list below, we came out on top.  Click here or on the image below to take in our #1 ranking in all of its glory.

Top Breweries

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There’s a beer dinner at Sal & Mookie’s New York Pizza and Ice Cream Joint in scenic Jackson, Mississippi in a few weeks. Here’s the info we’ve been provided:

Join us for our 1st full-blown, sit down, drink up, beer dinner!

MONDAY, SEPT. 22nd 6 p.m.

Sign up now for a 5-course meal matched to compliment a full array of Flying Dog beers! Rich Graham of Flying Dog Brewery will be in attendance to help host the event.

Flying Dog Beers:
Old Scratch Amber Lager
Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale
Road Dog Porter
Tire Bite Golden Ale
In-Heat Wheat
Snake Dog India Pale Ale
Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter – a special beer aged for one year in Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey barrels.

Field greens salad with diced apples, toasted pumpkin seeds and a cider vinaigrette
New Orleans “Central Grocery-style” pizza
Potato gnocchi in a gorgonzola cream sauce
Beer-braised beef short ribs with roasted garlic mashed potatoes garnished with beer-battered onion rings
Chocolate-hazelnut tiramisu

RESERVATIONS A MUST * $55 per person

Call: 601.368.1919
or email:

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Admit it: You’ve always dreamed of working in the beer industry.  Day-by-day, you dream about someone hiring you do what you love – talk about beer.  Finally, the chance is here! GET PAID for talking about and loving Flying Dog Beer!

We are hiring a Field Marketing Manager to be based in Frederick, Maryland.  The Field Marketing Manager’s responsibilities will include:

  • Managing Marketing outreach for Flying Dog brand within assigned geography
  • Creating and nurturing a community of local consumers (ambassadors) who are passionate, brand loyal so that we increase brand awareness via word of mouth
  • Building relationships, brand presence/awareness and volume at key on and off-premise accounts
  • Building relationships and partnerships with local business leaders (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, event organizers, etc) for the purpose of building Flying Dog’s community presence
  • Conducting hand-sell promotions in on and off-premise accounts and educating consumers on our product
  • Generating organic opportunities to have meaningful conversations with targeted consumers
  • Creating, coordinating and executing on and off-premise promotions and sponsorships
  • Serving as the field point person for company events and promotions such as beer festivals and local sponsorships

What kind of person are we looking for?

  • 1-2 years of Marketing experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Dynamic public speaking skills
  • Calm under pressure
  • Knowledge and passion for the craft beer industry
  • Able to build relationships with local influencers
  • Desire and ability to create viral word of mouth marketing programs
  • Fundamental understanding of basic marketing concepts and strategies, i.e. advertising, promotion, graphic design, grass roots and event marketing
  • Able to measure the effectiveness of marketing programs and recommend way to improve
  • 4-year college degree

This position will report to the Prime Minister of Marketing and includes Flying Dog’s standard health benefits and vacation package.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please send your resume to:



This blog post is for all you whipper-snappers out there that think selling beer is the easiest and best job in the world.  You think it’s all about going out to bars, staying out all night and buying people beer?  Well, let me tell you something – it’s HARD WORK!

You ever think about how hard it is to work a beer festival?  After lugging kegs for what seems like miles, you have to ice the beer, set up a tent, hang banners and THEN put on a smiling face and greet hundreds (if not thousands) of eager and thirsty beer people while waxing poetically about your product for hours on end.

That’s why you have to recruit people to help.

Thankfully, our very own Jim Lutz is a master recruiter.  He doesn’t let just anyone work in our beer tent – he recruits some of some of the hottest women in the area to pour and sample Flying Dog’s Litter of Ales.  Check out some of his work from Nashville’s “Music City Beer Fest”.

Nicely done, Mr. Lutz, nicely done.

group flying dog

Oh yeah, I guess he got some dudes to help too.

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Check out this article from FHM, Singapore’s most popular men’s magazine. Our plans of world domination are right on track. A big thanks to Winston at Beer Styles for setting all this up.

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One of the things we like best about Flying Dog drinkers is that you’re not afraid to share your opinion.  We do something good, you’re the first to complement us.  We do something bad, you’re all up in our grill.  We like that.

But we want to take it to the next level, so we have set up a Suggestion Box account to make it even easier.

  • You think we should make Woody Creek White a year-round brand? Let us know.
  • You like your craft beer in a can? Tell us.
  • You would like to see Chris Rippe wear one of those body Speedos that Michael Phelps wears?  You’re a little weird, but we want to know.

FD Suggestion Box

Click on over to and let us know what’s on your mind.  We’re listening.

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The Frederick Flying Dogs Semi-Pro baseball team recently celebrated their 2008 league championship. After going down 2-0 in the best of 5 series, they used a little old fashion voodoo magic to help seal the deal and pull out victory. Below is the story of how Tire Bite helped bring home the championship from team manager Nick Collingham.

“After we lost game 2, a handful of us sat around drinking some beers after the other team had left.  We figured we had to do something to change our luck. We weren’t hitting and just lost with our ace on the hill even though he allowed only 2 runs. So, we buried a full Flying Dog beer (Tire Bite) label up in the pitcher’s mound right behind the pitching rubber at their field.  We have not lost since.  Coincidence??????????”




A Wild Dog will be on the loose in October.  We will be releasing a Smoked Double Lager called “Dog Schwarz” (pronounced: dog sh-varts) in October – just in time for the Great American Beer Festival.  Funny how that works, huh?

As it is with all Wild Dog releases, Dog Schwarz will be available exclusively in hand filled, labeled and corked 750ml champagne-style bottles and in very limited quantity.

For more information on Schwarzbier, click here.

Here’s a look at the label.  Let us know what you think!

Dog Schwarz Label

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Whether it be suppliers, distributors, or retailers – anyone who has worked directly with Flying Dog Brewery at any point in the past 10 years, has probably worked with Mike Freeman in some capacity.  Mike is Flying Dog’s longest standing employee and has worked in everything from Sales to Warehouse to Purchasing to running the whole damn Brewery.

In April, Mike was diagnosed  with a glioblastoma multiforme brain tumor, also known as GBM. GBM is the most common and aggressive form of brain tumor. It is unknown what causes this tumor; unlike some brain tumors that spread from other cancer cells in the body, it starts in the brain.

All of Mike’s friends and his extended family at Flying Dog have come together and organized an event to help pay for some of Mike’s medical expenses.  The event, called “Rock The Mike: The Freeman Brainefit” is on August 23 in our old brewhouse in Denver (2401 Blake).  Not only does the event feature some of Denver’s best Punk Rock bands, all of the proceeds go straight to Mike.

We hope to see you come out on 8/23 to help us Rock the Mike! Click on the image below for more details.

Brainefit Poster 01

For more information, please visit:

Mike’s Caring Bridge Site

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