We now have a winner of the Flying Dog Label Bag Giveaway contest. Ben from Tempe, Arizona is the lucky winner of the bag – since it went to a man, I suppose it’s actually a European Men’s Carry-All. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a pretty bad-ass bag and we’re sorry we couldn’t just give one to everyone.

We contacted Ben and he told us that he’s part of a non-profit Homebrew club. There’s a chance that Ben’s going to raffle off the bag to help support the club, so you might get a chance to be generous and stylish at the same time (if you win the potential raffle).

Stay tuned to this blog or our twitter feed for more unique contests as they happen! You don’t want to miss getting some of these cool one-of-a-kind-type gifts. Thanks for playing and good luck to the non-winners in the future (another term for non-winner is loser).



If you’ve ever been over to the other side of the pond, you probably know the name Tesco.  Tesco is the world’s fourth largest retailer and every year they approve a few new beer brands to be sold in their stores.  It’s a heated competition and a pretty big deal to have your beer approved for distribution.

So we were excited to have our Classic Pale Ale approved, but even more excited when Gonzo Imperial Porter was ALSO approved. Of the four spots available, Flying Dog took TWO!

For more details, click here or on the image below:

Flying Dog Cleans Up at Tesco Drinks Awards

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The next time you’re in Singpore, you’ll be able to enjoy a little slice of home in the form of Flying Dog beer.  That’s right, Flying Dog is now proudly served in Singapore.  Our friends at Beerstyle Distribution kicked off The Dog’s introduction into Southeast Asia this past weekend with a bevy of activities.

Flying Dog is officially available in Singapore!

Check out the rest of the photos they sent us here.

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We’ve been waiting almost a year for this.  Back in February when we released our new Kerberos Tripel, we put together a short, informational video with our VP of Brewing Operations, Matt Brophy. 

In that video, Eric Warner asked Matt, “What foods would pair well with Kerberos?” His answer: Thanksgiving Dinner.

Later this week, Thanksgiving Dinner will be here and there will be a Kerberos Tripel right along side our plate of Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. We can’t wait.

Watch the video below so you can bring some Kerberos to the family feast and sound all smart and sophisticated when you bust out your beer and food pairing knowledge. (If they ask you something you don’t know, send them to

Have a Happy and SAFE Thanksgiving, everyone.

Check out our video about Kerberos Tripel here.



We came across a great piece from on Hunter Thompson’s fashion sense.  Ever wondered what deal behind the aviator sunglasses is?  What about his choice of shirts?

Reading time: 2 minutes.

Click on the photo below for a link to the article.

HST Fashion Screen Shot

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Bones, bucks, benjamins, fins, loot, dough, bacon, clams, scratch. There are so many slang terms for money, and we want you to be able to use all these terms for your money. Because Flying Dog Brewery is going to help you save a ton of coin this holiday season.

Introducing the “Flying Dog Beverage Stimulus Package”.

People are getting ready to line up early Friday morning at major malls, ready to stampede towards the best sale. And this year, you’re also especially eager to find a rad deal on holiday gifts, right? We don’t want you to have to get up early on your day off, just to get a screaming deal, either. Hell, we don’t even want you to have to leave the house to score some sweet stuff, and we want you to save some of your hard-earned cashola in the process.

All day on Friday, November 28, 2008, get 33% off at our online store by using the discount code BEERDRINKERBAILOUT when you check out. Save 1/3 on everything from pint glass sets to Beer Label T-Shirts to cute Women’s Hoodies.

Why should we only let the government have all the fun with all these wild and crazy bailouts? We’ve decided that we’re jumping into the bailout fray on Friday. Get all of your holiday gifts at, get a good deal and avoid the panic at the Mall.

So we can’t have beer for sale online – because it’s completely illegal – but we can have all your Flying Dog swag needs. And when you save big moolah from getting awesome deals via our bailout plan, you’ll be able to afford to buy more beer come this Holiday season. It’s a holiday miracle.


19 posted a great vidcast about our Gold Medal-winning Dogtoberfest. Beer America is a site dedicated to craft beer and the world’s growing thirst for it. It’s about 10 minutes, but we really enjoyed watching this video. Like what BeerAmericaTV is doing? Follow BeerAmericaTV on twitter.




A few weeks ago we asked what kind of music Hunter S. Thompson listened to, and we got a few responses. But nothing definitive arrived. Yesterday, Jeff Miers, columnist at the Buffalo News, posted a story about an essay penned by Johnny Depp and Professor Douglas Brinkley about the music from the documentary Gonzo. Any Gonzo enthusiast should love learning more about what made our beloved HST tick.

Gonzo Gift #3: If you’re interested in reading this 8,000 word essay, you’ll have to buy the DVD release of Gonzo (the Alex Gibney film that was released last fall, which comes out tomorrow).



Bummed about not being able to make to the 2008 GABF?  Even more bummed about not making it to the 2008 FBAG (Flying Dog, Brats & Gonzo)?  Worry no more.  Our friends at have were there to take in all of the festivities and have posted a couple highlight videos.

So fire up the grill, throw on some brats, bust out some Gonzo Imperial Porter and stare at your computer screen for a bit.  Aside from being in the same room with hundreds of beautiful people, listening to live music and smelling the aroma of beer and brats, you’ll feel like you were there with us.

It’s a long clip, so here are some interviews of interest if you want to fast forward:
Matt Bropphy, Flying Dog VP Brewing Operations at 5:58
Jim Caruso, Flying Dog CEO at 18:00



There has been a rash of books and documentaries about Hunter S. Thompson in the past two years and surprisingly, most of them are worth the money.  But for the true, hardcore HST fan, there may be no better purchase than The Gonzo Tapes.

The Gonzo Tapes

The Gonzo Tapes is a 5-CD set featuring Dr. Gonzo’s personal commentary and notes that he recorded before, during and after writing some of his most famous books like Hell’s Angels and Political Trail.

We want to warn everyone that this may not be the best gift for the “casual” HST fan.  The customer reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that the most loyal of HST fans will love it and another review on Tripwire found The Gonzo Tapes to be “boring.” So do a little research of your own before inking this on your holiday shopping list.

Unfortunately, we here at Flying Dog aren’t on the “comp list” and haven’t had a chance to listen yet – so we’re going to buy our own copy and hold judgment for ourselves.

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