VP of Brewing, Matt, and top QC dog, Gwen, lead Tripel taste panel.
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Having a beer at Philadelphia 30th Street train station with Nima, our Philadelphia wholesaler partner; Anastasia, server recently relocated from Russia; and Joe Gomez, state market manager.

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Twitter is good fun,

We had a haiku contest,

Now back to drinking.

Here are the winners of our 1st Twitter Contest.  Thanks to everyone who played! We had a lot of great entries.  Everyone below (named by Twitter handle) wins a $50 Gift Certificate to our online store.  If you’re a winner send us a direct message for details on your prize.

@RedheadWriting  Drinking Flying Dog/Makes boys touch my breast-es-ses/So I drink it lots.

@BeerHaikuDaily Best night of my life, Drinking Old Scratch with friends… Wait, What’s your name again?

@BuddyJesus My friends steal my beer / so I must hide my Tire Bite. / It’s Good Beer, No Shit

@catlprod11  Snake Dog IPA Buy the ticket, take the ride. Taste buds tingle. Bliss.

@circleskirt Our Flying Dog Beer, Wins best in taste, not in show, Take that, Westminster



If you’re in the Baltimore Metro area and have taste our award-winning beers as of yet (gasp!), you’ll have your chance this Friday, February 27th, 2009.

Tollgate Liquors, BelAir, MD – 5-7pm

Kings Contrivance in Columbia, MD – 5-7pm

Stop by, taste some beer, meet some nice people and take a 6-pack (or two) home.



Stephen Schadler at his crew from the Austin Grill in Rockville, MD came by the Flying Dog Brewery last week.  As you can tell by the photo, they like to have fun.

The Austin Grill Visits the Brewery



Our friend, Ryan Havely wrote a great poem to memorialize Hunter S. Thompson today, on the 4th anniversary of his passing.  Thanks, Ryan.

But Not Here, No, Not on Earth

But we all want something from her,
whether it’s food
or to rule.  This is where
Jesus was born, where the winds
playing Mozart with your shingles
start in the sun
and work their way
along seams in the sky
like Gypsy Moths.  Mozart,
too, is from around here.

You tell
stories about a man, how
once, some five hours
after midnight
he tore
the phone cord from the jack
in one sweeping motion
to punish the thing
for ringing.
How he looked like a matador,


with the AT&T rotary
under one arm, grabbing
the .44 magnum from his mantle.
He walked like a cop

strutting his beat
into the yard, stuffed that phone
in the low hollow knot
of an Aspen, turned

and walked ten paces,
his shoulders back, the traditional
posture of duel, then wailed around
to empty six chambers.

Three hit that phone,
sent it running off into the dark
two whizzed back at us and over the house
like hornets, one just after the other,
the sixth shot grazed the crescent moon.
We saw the trail of dust kick up, only briefly,
as the moon took stray fire from the Rockies.

He reloaded, held the gun with both hands,
his arms locked above his head
like maybe he’d dive, follow
that bullet through.  Instead
he capped another six,
this time at least 5 hit the surface,
each with a plume of gray dust.

He shot it some twelve to fifteen times
that night and never said a word.  Just reload,
take a pull off the Wild Turkey,
let go of another six.  At the end

he couldn’t get out of the chair.
That’s what really did it.
All the sitting, the loafing.
Up there he wouldn’t have needed the damn thing,

up there in a sixth of this gravity
he’d have been riding that dirt bike,
getting a good jump on the dusk
closing on his days like a curtain,

or a flag slowly drawn from its pole
for that final, formal act of folding.
Somebody pulls the rope,
the pulleys do their pulleying,

but gravity brings it down, in the end.
There are some places, though, a curtain
can’t so much as fall, some places
the gravity isn’t trying as hard,
so things there rise painlessly but

Ryan Havely
February 20, 2009



Our Prime Minister of Marketing, Neal Stewart fancies himself hot shot Ping Pong player. He thinks he’s real tough when he has a wooden paddle and plastic ball in his hand.

Well, we’re sick of hearing about how good he is at Ping Pong. Honestly, we don’t really even believe he knows how to play, although he does claim to have some kind of fancy paddle.

We want to put him in his place, but we need your help:

We’re having our first Flying Dog Ping Pong challenge at the Gorilla Room in Littleton, CO on March 10. Here’s how you can help us shut Neal up:

-You come out to the Gorilla Room at 6pm
-Challenge Neal to a game of Ping Pong
-You beat him
-If you do, we’ll pay for your Flying Dog beer that night!

The Gorilla Room is at 5654 S. Prince Street in Littleton.

Come out and show us your Ping Pong skills!



Cincinnati – CAN YOU FEEL IT?

Can you feel the building excitement of our very own Jim Lutz coming to town to conduct a FLYING DOG BEER TASTING at Jungle Jim’s?

Yes, the Flying Dog Road Show is rolling thru Cincinnati this coming Friday (Feb 20) and Jim will be on hand to drop some major beer knowledge on you.

Act fast – seating is limited.  Call 513-674-6000 for reservations!

Where: Jungle Jim’s International Market – 5440 Dixie Highway – Fairfield, Ohio – 45014
Date: February 20, 2009
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Cost: $25.00 Per Person

And if anyone takes some funny photos of Jim and emails them to us, we’ll send you some Flying Dog stuff.

Send the emails to: bullshit@flyingdogales.com



You can add Ernie’s Sports Bar in Gaithersburg, MD as the latest bar to get religion and start pouring Flying Dog.

You’ll be able to get yourself a pint Doggie-style Classic Pale Ale for $4 and a 10oz Double Dog Double Pale Ale for $5.  If you’re a Happy Hour kind of person, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of getting an additional buck off each one!

Stop by Ernie’s Restaurant and Pub at 616 Quince Orchard Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878(301) 869-8200



A big thanks to our friends at Bond Distributing for building some great Flying Dog displays around the Baltimore Metro area.  Check out these photos and go out get some Flying Dog while the deals are HOT!

Richburn Liquors, Columbia MD

Richburn Liquors in Columbia, MD

The Perfect Pour, Columbia MD

The Perfect Pour in Columbia, MD

College Square Liquors, Westminster MD

College Square Liquors in Westminster, MD

Shawan Liquoirs Cockeysville

Shawan Liquors in Cockeysville, MD

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