The entire world is still in shock from the catastrophic earthquake that struck the small nation of Haiti in January. Most of us can only do so much, but Emily Wardrick, a part-time tour guide and bartender at Flying Dog Brewery, is doing much more.

From March 15 through March 24, Emily is traveling to Haiti to volunteer with the His Hands for Haiti organization. “With the unknown outcome of relief efforts, we will be willing to do whatever comes our way,” she said.

This will be Emily’s second trip to Haiti. She first traveled there to volunteer last year, which was when the picture below was taken.


Emily will be staying northeast of Port-Au-Prince, an area that has been receiving little supplies since the quake. Her travel will be provided by Missionary Flights International, which provides mission aviation to Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.

On behalf of the entire People’s Republic of Flying Dog, we are proud to support Emily, who said, “With the devastation that has taken place in that country and the opportunity that walked into my life to go back, I just have to trust that it is the time for me to return.”



It snowed. The temperature did not rise above 25 degrees. The wind whipped across the beach, making it seem like it was snowing horizontally. In the mind of Flying Dog’s Chad Hooper, and tens of thousands of others, the conditions were perfect to Plunge into the Chesapeake Bay.

This past Saturday’s Polar Bear Plunge at Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, MD was an insane mix of bikinis, booze, bands, and blisteringly cold weather — all in the name of charity and a good time. Hailed as their biggest event yet, Special Olympics Maryland has already reported that they reached their fundraising goal of $3 million.

We were happy to be a part of such a powerful event. But let’s be honest, we also loved being the snickering observers of Chad’s first Plunge. With the help of a few Double Dogs, Chad plunged twice into the chilly Chesapeake. He’s the one with the “Good Beer, No Shit” sticker on his back. (Go figure.)

2010 Polar Bear Plunge

Check out more pics of Chad’s Plunge on Flying Dog’s Flickr page.



Last week, Flying Dog Brewery and Brightest Young Things dominated Washington, DC, all in the name of local creativity.

Together, we hosted five-days of sold-out Thievery Corporation shows at the 9:30 Club, complete with pre-show meet and greets with the band and post-show VIP after-parties.

The engagement kicked off at Hotel Rouge before Wednesday’s show with a Flying Dog happy hour and the opening of a Thievery Corporation photography exhibit.

Before each show, Flying Dog sponsored artist experience VIP meet and greets with Thievery Corporation at the 9:30 Club Back Bar, along with complementary tastings of our Snake Dog IPA, Gonzo Imperial Porter, and Old Scratch Amber Lager. Those same lucky VIPs got to hang with Flying Dog after hours.

We invite you to feast your eyes on some pics from Friday night’s show.

Thievery Corporation Show Jan. 2010

As if the music wasn’t enough, there was an artist painting during the entire show.

Thievery Corporation Show Jan. 2010

Did we mentioned that it was sold out?

Thievery Corporation Show Jan. 2010

Flying Dog adds new meaning to the word “backstage”.



Last Thursday’s Flying Dog Beer Dinner at Magnolia’s at the Mill was nothing short of divine. The menu and pairings were the brainchild of Executive Chef Mark Marocco. Needless to say, we want to relive these tastes over and over again.

First course: Guajillo pepper seafood tostada with avocado and pico de gallo, paired with our 20th anniversary Belgian-style IPA, Raging Bitch

  • Our Bitch combines big citrus hops with fruity Belgian yeast, all of which showed the spicy pepper whose boss.
  • The balance of caramel malt brought out the sweetness of the tomato beautifully.

Second course: Mozzarella en corrozza with an anchovy garlic sauce, paired with our Old Scratch Amber Lager

  • The Scratch made the salt and garlic slap you in the face.
  • Those same those flavors brought out a tart tanginess in the amber lager.

Third course: Shrimp and white cheddar grits with tasso ham, paired with Nitro charged Double Dog Double Pale Ale

  • Double Dog is smooth, creamy and sweet on nitro.
  • It brought out the creamy, buttery flavors of the cheddar grits while emphasizing each protein equally.

Fourth Course: Ale braised Shepherd’s Pie (ground lamb and beef with hickory smoked whipped potatoes), paired with our Dogschwarz Smoked Double Lager

  • The roasted, smokiness of the malt combined with the hickory smoked potatoes and braised meats was perfect.

Dessert: Chocolate pistachio mascarpone cannoli, paired with our Gonzo Imperial Porter

  • The chocolate, vanilla and nutty combination created an almost toffee-like taste.

Finale: A vertical tasting of Horn Dog Barleywine and vintage 2006 oak-aged Horn Dog Barleywine

We tasted a newly-packaged Barleywine alongside the same brew aged for almost four years in oak whiskey barrels. The difference was profound. As it ages, Horn Dog becomes more complex, bringing out the brown fruit flavors and transforming into a sherry-like nightcap. And a nightcap it was.



For those of you who follow Flying Dog on Twitter, you know that last Friday was a very busy day.

The Food Network visited our brewery to film an episode of “Unwrapped,” featuring Snake Dog IPA – our resident hop monster that slaps you in the face with flavor.

Following the premise of the show, the crew walked through the entire process of brewing Snake Dog: from welcoming the malt to our brewery to waving goodbye to the bottles and kegs. Leading the way was Matt Brophy, senior VP of brewing operations, with a little help from Jim Lutz, VP of sales.

Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes:

2. Brophy talking about grain

3. Brophy in the brewhouse

4. Shooting the bottling line

5. Brophy in the QA lab

6. Setting up the Snake

7. Lights, camera, Lutz

Details on the episode are still under wraps (we couldn’t resist). What we do know is that it will air anywhere between 3 months to 1 year from now. We’ll let you know when we start rolling out the red carpet for Brophy and Lutz.

For those of you who don’t follow us on Twitter, start. Then you can hear about sweet breaking news, like when Marc Summers is going to holler at some Snake Dog.



Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar had an itch that could only be relieved with Flying Dog’s Old Scratch Amber Lager, which is their January Beer of the Month.

Maryland locations will feature $4.50 tall (23 oz.) drafts of Old Scratch for the entire month of January.

Various Flying Dog distributors are holding events (listed below) at each location throughout the month. The first 48 attendees drinking Old Scratch will receive a free Flying Dog pint glass.


  • Saturday, January 16 from 4 to 6 pm

College Park

  • Saturday, January 16 from 4 to 6 pm
  • Tuesday, January 26 from 7 to 9 pm


  • Thursday, January 28 from 7 to 9 pm 

Rockville and Urbana

  • Thursday, January 21 from 7 to 9 pm


  • Tuesday, January 26 from 7 to 9 pm

White Marsh

  • Saturday, January 16 from 4 to 6 pm
  • Wednesday, January 27 from 7 to 9 pm


Old Scratch Amber Lager Carrier



(Translation for the Twitterverse virgins: Flying Dog Brewery is holding gatherings for its Twitter followers in cities near you.)

2010, our 20th anniversary, is the year of the Raging Bitch. So for those familiar with all things @ and #, some call them TweetUps, but we call them Bitch Sessions – Gonzo gatherings of Flying Dog Twitter followers. What do we do? Simple: Eat, drink, and tweet…with a few beer specials, schwag, and entertainment mixed in between.

Our market managers in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Philadelphia, New York City, and Denver will hold Bitch Sessions on the first Thursday of every month, starting January 7. So far, we have the following planned:

  • Urbana, MD: Buffalo Wild Wings and Beer, 7 to 9 pm
  • DC: The Big Hunt, 5 to 8 pm ( @flyingdogjt on Twitter)
  • Arlington, VA: Rustico, 5 to 8 pm (@flyingdogva on Twitter)
  • Denver: Paramount Cafe, 4 to 6 pm

Want more info? Want to stay up-to-date? Become a part of the 21st Century and follow @flyingdog on Twitter.



Ben and Lauren

On Saturday, December 12, Ben and Lauren came to Flying Dog Brewery for a tour and samples. They had been on a tour before and said they decided to come back for the relaxing atmosphere (and obviously for some beer). Upon their arrival and throughout their trek through the brewery, Lauren had no idea that she was in for much more than a tour and a few beers.

After consuming what she described as, “some liquid courage called Old Scratch,” Ben proposed to Lauren in our brewery parking lot.

A featured guest at their upcoming nuptials? Flying Dog beer, of course.



 David's Gonzo tattoo

It popped his cherry and certainly aroused us. Cellarman David Kozloski made his dedication to the People’s Republic of Flying Dog official with a wing tattoo on his forearm – just one week old and already looking beautiful. Knowing that he wanted to sport the Gonzo wings for some time, David just needed a little motivation. And by motivation, he means free time.

“My neighbor is a tattoo artist who’s totally into Ralph Steadman’s work. One day, I just said ‘fuck it. I’m free and you’re free,’” he explained of his first tat.

Fuck man, we’re glad you did it.



Memo to the People’s Republic of Flying Dog –

I’m excited to announce that we’ve added a new position to Flying Dog Brewery’s Marketing department. Please welcome Erin Biles, Flying Dog Brewery’s new Marketing Communications Specialist. Although we don’t always introduce new hires on our blog, Erin will be helping out by writing blog entries for us, managing the @flyingdog Twitter account, and responding to consumer inquiries through our website.

Erin Biles - Marketing Communications Specialist

I asked Erin about why she was drawn to the Craft Beer industry from her previous job as an Internet Marketing Specialist:

“I’ve always admired the imprint beer has on American culture. Almost everyone can remember cracking open their first beer. And the craft beer industry is a fascinating subculture that has a tremendous amount of passion behind it. I’m so excited to immerse myself in what I consider to be a true art form.”

We’re excited to have Erin on board as part of the Flying Dog team, and we look forward to making more conversations with you, our loyal consumers. Interested in our other employees? Head on over and take a look at our Flying Dog Mutts page, and do a little cyber-stalking, if that’s your thing.

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