Two Guys on Beer, Two Flying Dog Salesmen, and the Owner of National Mechanics (Paul)

Philadelphia is a big time craft beer town. One of the premier craft beer bars in town is National Mechanics on 3rd Street (follow @natmechanics on Twitter). As Joe Gomez (follow @flyingdogmidatl on Twitter), our salesman in Philly, puts it, “National Mechanics ALWAYS has a Flying Dog on tap along with other great craft selections and very good food in a very social ‘hall’ environment.”

A couple weeks ago, the Two Guys on Beer (@TGOB on Twitter) held a special event at National Mechanics where they taped their 100th vidcast (see embedded video below). We were fortunate enough to have them feature our awesome fall seasonal Märzen, Dogtoberfest. A few hundred people showed up to watch the Two Guys on Beer talk about our beer, and they polished off 3 kegs of it in about 3 hours.

More from Joe: Special Thanks to Paul Brown, owner of National Mechanics, for his Flying Dog support and just being a great guy. Also thanks to Alex Hillman (Not pictured) the Business Manager for TGOB who also helped create Independents Hall in Philadelphia, (learn more about it at



We are hosting our 2nd Annual Beer Dinner with Brauns Bar and Grill during the Great American Beer Festival in Denver at 7PM on September 26th, 2009.

The cost of the five course meal is $35.95. We will accept reservations through September 24th. Get your tickets soon, this beer dinner will definitely sell out! For more information head to the GABF Beer Dinner @ Brauns event page.

Buy your tickets online here.

Click here to see a larger image.
GABF Beer Dinner 09 JPG



The Great American Beer Festival is right around the corner and we are hosting our 2nd Annual FBAG party. We invite all craft beer lovers to come down to the Flying Dog Warehouse (2401 Blake Street) on September 25th from 3-6 for our annual GABF thrown down. The best part….Admission is FREE. Not only are we going to be releasing our 20th Anniversary beer at this year’s FBAG, but this is also a great opportunity for you to enjoy our famous “Gonzo Brats”, listen to live music by The Rob Drabkin Band and hang out with the bad ass Flying Dog crew. So, grab your beer loving friends and stop by, for what is sure to be an awesome time!

FBAG (Flying Dog, Brats & Gonzo) 2009 Flier



We’ve made some positive changes to our Friday tour schedule. See below, or check out the Tour The Doghouse page of our website.

And a reminder: due to GonzoFest a week from Saturday, we won’t be offering our regular tour.


Attention Flying Dog Brewery Fans: Additional tour hours!

Beginning Saturday, September 5, 2009, we will be expanding our tour hours to accommodate our growing fan base.

We suggest you come early, we have been getting large crowds lately. The tours are free. If you would like to sample our award-winning ales, you may purchase a glass for $5 that you get to keep and you can have up to five 6oz samples. Children and young adults are welcome at the brewery and allowed on the tour, but only those 21 and over are allowed to sample the beers. Please bring a valid ID if you plan on imbibing.

Unlike some other breweries, you won’t be standing behind plexi-glass or lame yellow lines, so we ask you keep your grubby little hands to yourself. Additionally, you will be forced to wear some incredibly unflattering safety glasses as well as walk, listen, carry and/or drink a beer, all at the same time. Strollers are allowed in the tasting room, but not on the tour…there are stairs to climb and sometime hoses to step over. PLEASE DON’T WEAR SANDALS, it’s an OSHA violation.

All tours start and end in the brewery tasting room where you can kick back and sample our award-winning litter of ales and purchase merchandise from the Flying Dog Store.

Session 1: 11am-1pm

• Doors will be open from 11am-12pm only for check-in for Session 1
• Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis and a maximum of 120 people will be let in.
• Tours will be given at 11:30am, 11:45am and 12:00noon, and each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.
• Flying Dog Brewery will be closed from 1-2pm to allow us time to clean up and prepare for the next session.

Session 2: 2pm-4pm

• Doors will be open from 2pm-3pm only for check in for Session 2
• Tickets will be given out on a first come, first served basis and a maximum of 120 people will be let in.
• Tours will be given at 2:30pm, 2:45pm and 3:00pm, and each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes.




Studio 35 is Columbus, Ohio’s oldest independent movie theater and draft house. Recently they showed Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and featured a plethora of Flying Dog beer on tap. We found out about this via Studio 35’s twitter site. We were also contacted via twitter by Shaun Adams, who attended the event. He snapped some photos and was nice enough to answer a few questions about the venue, the beer, and the experience of watching Fear & Loathing while drinking beer inspired by the late, great Dr. Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson.

What is Studio 35 all about?

Studio 35 is an independently run single screen movie theater & draft house. They’re very community driven and hold a lot of free events there, as well as offering a lot of movies that you can’t see in other theaters in Columbus.

What was the atmosphere like at Studio 35 before, during and after the film?

People are always really relaxed at the beer tastings (I’ve been to three now). People sit in their seats as somebody stands at the front of the theater and reads off descriptions of each beer, and theater staff come around with pitchers and pour you each sample. Each person is given a list of the different beers, and many people bring pencils or pens to write notes on it. It’s really easy to meet new people as the samples come around just by talking about which beers you like and dislike. The movies they show are comedies, and during the film people tend to laugh more or quote along with it a little more than they would at a normal screening. After the film, people linger around a while as they finish their food or drink and chat as they close out their tabs. Some people stuck around for the next movie, District 9.

What Flying Dog beers were on tap?

The different beers sampled were (in order) Garde Dog, Tire Bite, In-Heat Wheat, Dogtoberfest, Old Scratch, Doggie Style, Snake Dog, Double Dog, Horn Dog, and Gonzo. [ed. note: holy shit, that’s a lot of Flying Dog!]


Aside from playing Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and serving Flying Dog beer, what’s else is awesome about Studio 35?

There is a lot of great things about Studio 35. They’re the only theater in Columbus that still shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show on a regular basis (first Saturday of each month), they show kids movies for cheap during the day in the summer, they show a lot of sporting events (soccer, Ohio State football games, etc) for free, a free Academy Awards event that I went to, a Cult Classics screening each month, they host monthly beer tastings where a low price gets 10-12 beer samples and admission to the movie afterwards, and they have Guitar Hero tournaments. They also have a better beer selection than a lot of bars that I’ve been to. When they show older movies there, they usually themed events for it, such as a Wii bowling tournament before they screened The Big Lebowski, they’re having a John Hughes weekend this week and having a Pac-Man playoff and mix tape/ CD exchange. They’re also on myspace and twitter, so it’s really easy to find out about events and bargains/deals going on there.

What made that night memorable?

I met up with some friends there whom I don’t get to see that often because we have different schedules, so that was nice. I also met a few new people while I was there, heard stories behind tattoos that people have, and got to try some great beer and watch a movie that I really enjoy. A lot of people just walk to the theater, so it’s really easy to meet a neighbor or someone who just lives down the block while you’re there. Flying Dog has always caught my attention because of Ralph Steadman’s artwork, but I hadn’t tried many of the flavors, so it was an easy way to try a lot of new things for a pretty cheap price.

What’s your favorite Flying Dog beer and why?

My favorites of the night were Old Scratch, Horn Dog, and Gonzo. I think I’m partial to barley wines, and the Old Scratch really caught my attention being a lager / ale hybrid. The Gonzo was a really smooth, delicious way to end the tasting. There wasn’t a single beer that I didn’t like (which honestly, is a first for me).

Thanks a lot Shaun!



Coming from out of town to our GonzoFest celebration on September 12? Looking for a place to stay? Never fear, citizens of the People’s Republic of Flying Dog, we’re going to help you out with this. Because we’ve partnered with some great Frederick-area hotels to bring you discounted room rates on a place to rest your weary body. These rates are good from Friday Sept. 11 through Sunday Sept. 13.

Courtyard Marriott ($99/night)

Holiday Inn at Francis Scott Key Mall ($99/night)

Hilton Garden Inn ($99/night)

Best Western Historic Frederick ($79.99+tax/night: call Best Western’s direct phone number (301-695-6200) and mention “GonzoFest” to access the discounted Room rate.)

We’re looking forward to having you come to GonzoFest in a couple weeks!



Over the last 500 years, the English have done their fair share of invading the United States. Whereas we appreciate lots of the infrastructure they provided in the early years of the New World, we felt it was only fair to return the favor. Effective this week, we’re excited to announce that two Flying Dog beers have invaded about 300 Tesco stores in the UK (Tesco is the largest retail chain in the UK).

UK members of the People’s Republic of Flying Dog, you can now find our Classic Pale Ale and Gonzo Imperial Porter there!

We talked a little with Rick from Bierenco, our awesome EU distributor, about our award-winning beer being selected by Tesco.

“In short: Tesco runs their Drink Awards. The aim is to allow small drinks producers, who would normally not end up at the buyer’s table, to gain a listing there. Besides a number of regional awards (where a Welsh brewery may win listing in Welsh stores), there are only four national listings. This means the large Tesco stores will all list these beers; smaller shops and specialized ‘to go’ stores won’t.

The four national categories are lager, ale & bitter, porter & stout, and special (like wheat or fruit beer).

Flying Dog Brewery scooped up two of these spots, beating the English on their own turf. (read more about our Victory here)

There were 400 entries to the Tesco Drinks Awards, 240 of which were for beer. Beers were judged from: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Mexico, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States, and Wales.

The beers are evaluated according the the following criteria

• Appearance, out of 5
• Aroma, out of 5
• Taste, out of 10
• After-taste, out of 5
• Overall, out of 15

We’re as pleased as a dog drinking out of a punch bowl to be available in Tesco stores. If you live in the UK, swing by and pick up some Flying Dog beer, your favorite imported American Craft Beer. If you have friends in the UK, you need to be telling them to go pick up some.



Our monthly beer and food pairing evening at the Brewery is happening again on Thursday, August 27th. This month’s theme is Beer and Wings, co-sponsored by WOW Cafe & Wingery. Come down and check out how our award-winning ales pair with one of the most consumed bar foods of the last 50 years. Menu and instructions on how to try to get a ticket below.

Beer and Food Night 9



#denvertweetup attendees

Last night we filled up our Denver warehouse space in the name of good beer and helping those who are less fortunate than we are. 250 excited Denver and Boulder twitterfolk showed up to drink free beer, schmooze with other twitterfolk and help out an important cause. For 2 glorious hours, the beer was free and people were having a great time. Afterward, we cruised to the Blake Street Tavern and Lodo’s on a mini pub crawl.

We even were featured on CBS4Denver, a great television station with a pretty amazing reach into Social Media. Check out the video clip here form last night’s 10PM news broadcast.

As a group, we raised $1261.50 for the Food Bank of the Rockies through voluntary donations. The really great thing is that every dollar we donated provides 4 meals for the hungry. So as a group, we effectively provided 5,046 meals! This is a very practical and real way to help out lots of people in need during these tough times.

Of course, we couldn’t have pulled this event off without our wonderful partners: Allen Klosowski (aka @thebigklosowski), Erika Napoletano (aka @redheadwriting), Food Bank of the Rockies, and Tuggl. This was a great and very motivated group of people to work with, and we’re already thinking about future collaborations with these fine twitterfolk.

Finally, we had some volunteers that need to be recognized. @gpelz, @raquelc415, @naomimimi, @caligater, @jeffporn & @chrisporn were all invaluable as volunteers, and we were lucky to be able to crowdsource them so quickly from Twitter.

We love being part of this wonderful Denver/Boulder community.



I'm on a boat

As you probably know, we took this bitch internationally a few years ago. As we are extending the reach of and spreading the word about the People’s Republic Of Flying Dog, we get emails from around the globe about our award-winning beers in exotic locales.

This week we received an email from our importer in Bangalore, India. We recently threw a couple pallets of beer on a boat and shipped Double Dog Double Pale Ale and Snake Dog IPA, two of our hoppiest brews, out to India. It’s really exciting to send our India Pale Ale on a boat to India, which is totally cool for lots of reasons, one of which is the historical significance. IPAs were invented when the English added more hops to the beers they were sending by boat to India. Hops are a natural preservative and helped protect the beer on the long voyage. We’re super stoked that we get to do the same thing with our hoppy brews.

In a few short weeks, we’ve gained placement in a couple dozen locales, so if you’re tooling around the world or are a Bangalorean, grab a cold, hoppy Flying Dog beer while you’re there.

And yes, the title of this blog entry was “borrowed” from somewhere else (not safe for work, mind you)

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