There’s no greater way to celebrate local creativity than a good, old-fashioned bazaar with local artisans, live music, and craft beer. 

The culminating event for our Support Local initiative, our local bazaar will feature demos by the artists featured in our Support Local video series, such as Chef Bryan Voltaggio, Pit Crew Skate Team, and the Charm City Roller Girls. We’ll also have food from farm-to-fork restaurants and educational activities on sustainable living by The Common Market. 

Admission is free with all beer and food sold a la carte. We’re limiting it to 500 people, so get here early to make sure you get in. 

Until then, check out our Support Local videos on YouTube. And, show some love to The Common Market, Frederick’s natural food co-op and co-presenter of the Local Bazaar. 



A celebration of Maryland’s agricultural roots, each year’s batch of Secret Stash reflects the season’s harvest. This year, our Harvest Ale is an American-Style Wheat Ale brewed with local wheat and malted rye, along with local Cascade and Chinook hops. 

For the actual brew, we invite all of the local farmers out to the brewery. And we put them to work:

Our brewers celebrate the arrival of the hops like we’re in a goddamn Disney movie. 

Nothing awakens the senses like a healthy whiff of those green beauties.

He’s not old enough to drink, but he grows some damn fine hops. 

If this view from the top of our hopback doesn’t make you drool, there’s no hope. 

And no event like this is complete without a group shot. Behold, the motley crew behind this year’s Secret Stash Harvest Ale. 

Secret Stash will be hitting shelves and draft lines in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC in mid-September.



“Our stories are our life.”

For Paul Reed Smith, there was no other option than to live a life of trying, even if it meant failure and pain, to get to a point where he contributed to the world. This latest installment of our Support Local video spots gives a glimpse into the life and story of PRS Guitars.



Shit, did anyone see that? Crap, I didn’t think anybody was looking. Wait, they had a camera? Oh God, how do I un-tag? They can’t have that many followers…right?

We’ve had those moments. Now, there’s a beer for it. UnderDog is the unforgettable lager for those moments you won’t soon forget. (Or, in most cases, that your friends won’t let you forget.) 


We put together some of our favorite unforgettable experiences of the summer. Now, we want to see yours.

Share your unforgettable stories and photos on our Facebook page.


Send them our way on Twitter with the hashtag #Unforgettable

We’ll post our favorites as we see them. We’ll also share places that have UnderDog on draft, in bottles, and in the can throughout the mid-Atlantic, so you can keep those unforgettable moments flowing all summer long.



Our latest Brewhouse Rarities release pays tribute to an ancient German beer style that makes the combination of sweet and salty so passé. Introducing Gose, a sour and salty wheat beer brewed with coriander and a Maryland twist.

Gose originated in Northern Germany and takes its name from the river Gose, which is lined by mineral-rich aquifers that give the water a natural salinity. To imitate these traditional brewing waters, we added sea salt to the brew, along with coriander to make it true to style. We also added Old Bay to the brew, giving it a twist only Marylanders can provide.

On the sour side, we added lactobacillus to the mash and let it sour for a minimum of 36 hours. That sour mash is then added to a larger mash and processed like a regular brew. The lactic acid produced gives the beer a distinct tartness, which is balanced by the saltiness and spice. 

A draft-only release only available in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, our Gose premieres on draft tonight at ChurchKey in DC. 



The third installment in our Support Local video series puts you in the shoes of Baltimore’s Charm City Roller Girls. It’s their turn. 



To Chef Bryan Voltaggio, food is more than just a sustenance. It’s part of an experience shared between family and friends that can be exciting, entertaining, and innovative. 

In this second spot in our series of Support Local videos, we take a personal look at what food means to Voltaggio. 

Through this eight-week Support Local initiative, we’re examining a range of artists — from the culinary arts to alternative sports — to expose you, the People’s Republic of Flying Dog, to the breadth of talent right in our backyard.



Breaking news from the Flying Dog Breaking News Desk:

At 15:37 EST on July 27, Flying Dog Brewery issued direct orders for its Brewmaster and 23-Star General Matt Lovefreedom Brophy to head to Scotland. His operative objective? Brew Dog domination.

Captaining his own destroyer, equipped with ballistic missile submarines and PCs pre-loaded with Minesweeper, Brophy will set sail for Nessie’s homeland Tuesday and arrive on the white sand beaches August 23.

Closely guarded in the ship’s hull will be International Arms Race, the Zero IBU IPA and cause of this all-out war between the two breweries.

At the end of March, Flying Dog and BrewDog decided on the terms of their combative collaboration. Hops were banned from the battlefield, but after 84 hours of negotiation, a host of other weapons to impart bitterness – spearmint, bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries, and elderflower – were agreed on. Then, it was decided that each brewery would craft it’s own version of the beer, which highlights the human element of the brewing process and does not require the Flying Dog staff to socialize with any Scots. 

“Collaboration was never an option,” Brophy said. “It’s a long word that takes entirely too long to type. So, we challenged BrewDog to a battle of the brewing arts and they accepted. Now, it’s time to face off.”

On August 23, Brophy and BrewDog Captain James Watt will begin a tour of BrewDog pubs in both Scotland and England. Civilians can seek refuge from war and try each brewery’s International Arms Race at the following: 

  • Thursday, August 23 at Aberdeen, 7 pm
  • Friday, August 24 at Glasgow, 7 pm
  • Saturday, August 25 at Newcastle, 4 pm 
  • Sunday, August 26 at Manchester, 2 pm
  • Monday, August 27 at Camden, 7 pm

Brophy held a private preview of the Flying Dog Zero IBU IPA with Ewan McGregor, Craig Ferguson, Gerard Butler, and Brian Cox. Their overwhelming response to the beer and support for American liberty provided further validation for Brophy, but also furthered Watts’ doubt, self-loathing, and hatred for Bald Eagles.

“We keep hearing from James that it will be bloody,” Brophy said. “Consider that a warning.”

If left standing, Watt and skirt-wearing cohorts will join Brophy on his home turf in September to premiere each brewery’s version International Arms Race in the United States.



The truth is, we can all be artists. You can find art in anything you do. 

“What if you were an artist” is the first spot in a series of videos for our Support Local initiative. Through each of these videos, we will examine a range of artists – from the culinary arts to alternative sports – and showcase the breadth of talent right in our backyard.

Our Support Local initiative will culminate September 9 through 15 with Support Local Week where we encourage and provide the tools for our fans to shop, eat, and (of course) drink local for the entire week.

“What if you were an artist” features aerial sculptor Tim Scofield and the vocal talents of Pete Sedon, Flying Dog warehouse manager. 



So much of what we do is led by the wisdom and weirdness, insanity and hilarity of our Gonzo Godfathers — Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, and George Stranahan. It runs through our veins. It talks to both the angel and devil on our shoulders. It gets us out of bed in the morning (and often keeps us up at night). And, most importantly, it never fades even as this ever-changing world keeps on spinning. 

Hunter would have been 75 today. To quote his beloved wife, Anita: “We all miss Hunter more than a blog post can describe… Here’s to a beautiful new chapter, with Hunter in our hearts, with a future bright and right ahead of us.”

Happy birthday Hunter. We love you.

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