A moving collection of black and white photography, accompanied by raw, authentic essays, Phlogs: Journey to the Heart of the Human Predicament, is Flying Dog founder George Stranahan’s latest book with co-author Nicole Beinstein Strait. It was recently the winner of the 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Coffee Table Book/Photography category and the second place winner in the Non-Fiction Book category.

This Wednesday, George will be at Flying Dog’s new Denver tasting room from 5 to 7 pm signing copies of Phlogs. The event is free and open to the public. We’ll be giving away a few signed copies of Phlogs, along with free Flying Dog beer and munchies.

Phlogs Book Signing

From there, George will be heading over to The Tattered Cover in LoDo for a signing at 7:30 pm.

Not in the Denver area? Order a copy of Phlogs. Consuming copious amounts of Flying Dog beer while reading is optional.



I had a vision of some nerve-rattling geek all covered with matted hair and string-warts showing up in the press office and demanding Scanlan’s press packet. Well…what the hell? We could always load up on acid and spend the day roaming around the clubhouse grounds with big sketch pads, laughing hysterically at the natives and swilling mint juleps so the cops wouldn’t think we’re abnormal. Perhaps even make the act pay: set up an easel with a big sign saying, “Let a Foreign Artist Paint Your Portrait, $10 Each. Do It NOW!

– Hunter S. Thompson on meeting Ralph Steadman for the first time, from “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved”

That first encounter between Hunter and Ralph wasn’t far off from Hunter’s prediction, although we don’t think they made any money that weekend off of Ralph’s drawings. If anything (as Hunter wrote), Ralph “was regarded with fear and loathing by nearly anyone who’d seen or even heard about his work.”

The significance of that first meeting 40 years ago goes beyond the now infamous resulting article, “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.” It represents the birth of Gonzo – a term coined by Boston Globe magazine editor Bill Cardoso, which he claimed is South Boston slang for the last man standing after an all-night drinking marathon. Ralph once said:

“Nobody I have read knows what GONZO is, was, or ever could be, not even Hunter, an if he doesn’t know what it is, I do. I am the only one who does. Gonzo makes you feel GOod rather than BAd, which is BANZO. Pursue BANZO if you must but don’t blame me or even credit me or you will make me sick. GOnzo is GOod. BAnzo is BAd. It is a simple equation.”

From those mace and whiskey-filled days during the Running of the Roses on, Gonzo became the lifestyle of Hunter and Ralph, which have been beautifully illustrated through both sketches and words.

From riding motorcycles to blowing shit up to getting drunk (sometimes simultaneously), Hunter was a long-time co-conspirator of Flying Dog owner George Stranahan and had a profound impact on George’s life. Hunter’s greatest contribution to Flying Dog was introducing George to Ralph, who now illustrates all of our labels.

This past week, we filled oak Stranahans whiskey barrels with our Gonzo Imperial Porter in Hunter and Ralph’s honor. It made us feel good.


For “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved” and more from Hunter S. Thompson, purchase The Great Shark Hunt: Gonzo Papers, Volume 1 on Amazon.



Due to thunderstorms looming over the Washington, DC area, the 4th annual Bow Wow Pow Wow in Adams Morgan has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 2 from 11 am to 5 pm. It will still be held at the original location: Marie Reed School at the 2200 block of 18th Street, NW.

Working with the Adams Morgan Main Street Group, Flying Dog Brewery is sponsoring the festivities for our two- and four-legged friends, which will include:

  • Maryland’s Dog Whisperer
  • Dog training clinics
  • Canine freestyle dancing and agility demonstrations
  • On-site pet adoption
  • Vendors

To learn more, visit the Bow Wow Pow Wow website.

Flying Dog is also partnering with Adams Morgan bars and restaurants for a series of “Yappy Hours” leading up to the event. Keep an eye on the Events Calendar on our website for details.



Flying Dog cellarman David Kozloski added another sweet tat to his Gonzo collection. (He already has a beautiful pair of wings on his forearm.)

Meet our newest Road Dog:
David's Road Dog



Last Saturday’s 2010 World Beer Cup became the world’s largest commercial beer competition with 3,330 beers entered by 642 breweries in 90 beer style categories.

No stranger to the World Beer Cup, our Vintage 2007 Gonzo Imperial Porter received a Silver Medal in the Aged Beer category. (In 2008, it won a Gold Medal in the American-Style Imperial Stout category.)
Gonzo Imperial Porter Buddy Icon

Delicious in all forms, as Gonzo Imperial Porter ages, the roasted, coffee notes change to smooth chocolate and toffee flavors, which softens the hop bite. Although alcohol notes are not noticeable in newly packaged Gonzo, they become even less as it ages.



The thrill and anticipation of Major League Baseball’s opening day has come and gone, but Flying Dog is here to stay.


Our Snake Dog IPA is on draft at all of the craft beer stations at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore and our In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen is on draft at Nationals Park in Washington, DC.

Whether your screaming “How ’bout them O’s!” on Eutaw Street or chanting “Let’s go Nats” on the Riverfont, you can now support your local brewery while rooting for the home team.



We’ve heard a lot of buzz around our brewery tours, so we wanted to give the People’s Republic of Flying Dog an update.

Our hope is to resume tours of the brewery in August 2011.

Maryland laws limit brewery tour participants to one 6-ounce sample of beer after participating in a guided tour. Our tour participants feel that a quintessential element of touring a brewery is being able to sample and learn about more than one beer.

We are working to change that law during the next state legislative session. If our changes pass, they will be made effective by July 2011.

A lot of you have asked if there is anything you can do to help change the law. While we appreciate the support, there isn’t anything you can do at this time. There is a certain process we must follow to pursue this type of change. We trust that process and are confident that we will meet little (if any) resistance along our way.

“Good People Drink Good Beer” in the great State of Maryland. Our simple goal is to update the state laws and make them a little more brewery-friendly.




But we have GONZO!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the bitches of Flying Dog Brewery!



From a live band showcase of Washington, D.C.’s finest talent to the official Texas launch of Raging Bitch (our 20th anniversary Belgian-style IPA), Flying Dog is gearing up to be the fuel to the creative fire that is SXSW.  

Here’s a list of events planned for the 2010 Austin, Texas festival:
Flying Dog 2010 SXSW Events



Chad Ober lives in New Hampshire, the land of “Live Free or Die.” And he wants one thing: Raging Bitch.

Unfortunately, the State of New Hampshire has banned wholesalers and retailers from carrying Raging Bitch. Why? Because one person (Chief of Liquor Enforcement Eddie Edwards) doesn’t like the name.

In protest, Chad started a Facebook page titled “BEER DRINKERS FOR FLYING DOG RAGING BITCH IN NH.” On the page, he requests that “anyone joining this group needs to have a desire for all beers to be available to the public, regardless of silly things like names!”

We could not agree more.

It is an outrage that one person can arbitrarily over-rule the rights of wholesalers, retailers, and beer lovers throughout an entire state. We are proud to have Chad in the People’s Republic of Flying Dog and wholeheartedly support his quest for the Bitch.

Mr. Edwards, if you’re reading this, our CEO Jim Caruso has called you a few times to discuss this with you. He would very much appreciate a call back.

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