MD v MI at Kangaroo Boxing Club

It’s All Happening: The Competition Edition 

On Wednesday, Federal House in downtown Annapolis will have three beers from Heavy Seas and three beers from yours truly on tap. Whoever’s kegs kick first wins. We’ll have Bloodline, Pale Ale, and Easy IPA, so it’s pretty much in the bag. 

Then on Saturday, it’s round two of yours truly facing off against Bell’s in a Kangaroo Boxing Club beer bucket challenge as University of Maryland men’s basketball takes on Michigan. During football season, Maryland reigned supreme and we’re already calling a repeat. 

Needless to say, we’ll be watching all 14 Air Bud movies tonight to prepare. 


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

ICYMI: Our tramp is out of the bag. Supertramp Tart Cherry Ale is hitting the bottle this week and hitting shelves at the beginning of March.  

Also coming down our brewhouse pipes this week is our next round of limited releases: Single Hop Imperial IPA with Warrior and Brewhouse Rarities Earl Grey Black Wheat, proving that there is light at the end of your Mexican Hot Chocolate/HBC-431 tunnel. 

Dirty Dozen

Stay in the Know

Shine those boots and report to the Weinberg Center at 18:00 Thursday for The Dirty Dozen. Free admission for anyone with a military ID. Happy hour starts in the lobby at 6:30 pm, the show’s at 7:30 pm, and the after party at Market Street Fusion beings once the movie ends.

Daily Distraction

“Drinking in public is now adorable thanks to The Cool Baby.” There’s a real-life Kickstarter to help some guy produce insulated beverage carriers that make boozing look like parenting. Seeing that thing disassembled has scarred us for life. 




In like a lion and out like a tramp. Introducing Supertramp Tart Cherry Ale, a new spring seasonal that will be available at the beginning of March in all markets where our beer is currently sold. 

Inspired by two previous Brewhouse Rarities releases — a Sour Cherry Ale and a Black Lager with Cherries — Supertramp is brewed with both sweet and sour cherries, which are added at the beginning of fermentation. The beer begins with a clean, sweet cherry notes followed by crisp light malt character and a tart finish. 

It also features brand-new, original art by the indelible Ralph Steadman. Needless to say, this tramp has legs for days. 

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for release parties. Until then, pucker up, and take the long way home tonight. 



DC 101 Febrewary

It’s All Happening

Being used to tuning in to drown out the hell on wheels that is DMV traffic makes listening to DC 101’s Roche live in our tasting room so much sweeter. He’ll be here Wednesday at 3 pm alongside $1.01 growlers of our Pale Ale (until 5 pm), music by The Scott and Dan Show and food by The Smoking Swine food truck.

Advance tickets are sold out, so get here early to get in. 


99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

16-oz cans of our Easy IPA are coming to a DMV stadium near you. Check back for details later this week.


Stay in the Know

“When it comes to style, we find Flying Dog right on the corner of tradition and experimentation, and the results give the company a mark of sheer genius.” 

On Impulcity’s list of 17 American Craft Breweries You Need To Check Out, we ranked #2. Yes, we put that in our proverbial pipes and proverbially smoked it. 

Daily Distraction

The Oscars are this week. These two are our nominees for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. And we can’t wait to see if they own the red carpet with their vintage tweed and windbreaker style.



No matter how you look at it, Valentine’s Day is a bitch…except when there’s a deep-rooted mutual love, admiration and respect of craft beer. 

Whether you’re buying for family, friends, fuck buddies or foes, we’re taking the guesswork out of your V-Day with our first ever gift guide. 





The hoodie and t-shirt combo, a Valentine’s Day gift:

A. For the consciously coupled couple who find pants restricting.

B. For the consciously coupled couple who don’t have legs. 


IMG_4113V-Day No Preggo Patch





The No Preggo patch, a Valentine’s Day gift:

A. For someone who loves learning about and subsequently explaining European beer laws.

B. For your Tinder-obsessed friend who is starting to worry you.







Tube socks, a Valentine’s Day gift:

A. Because your feet are always cold and you rubbing them on me makes me cold. 

B. Because watching the latest episode of NCIS on the couch > sex.


IMG_4164Flying Dog collar





A dog collar, a Valentine’s Day gift:

A. For the four-legged friend who loves you unconditionally. 

B. To show your significant other that you’re into that kind of thing. 



Flying Dog flag


The Gonzo-Spangled Banner, a Valentine’s Day gift:

A. So your significant other can pledge their allegiance to the People’s Republic of Flying Dog.

B. To prevent grass stains when you get down and dirty behind that big oak tree in the park.




You took the day off, found a sitter and have all of the necessary witch doctor potions to nurse that post-Super Bowl hangover. Now, you’re ready for some Gonzo. 

So we’re here to answer any and all questions to get you more excited than this puppy:

How much does each bottle cost? 

750-ml bottles of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter cost $18 each. Rum-Barrel Aged Gonzo bottles are $20 each. We accept cash and credit cards. 

I want to be the first in line. How early can I arrive? 

You can get in line as early as 9 am. By doing so, you waive Flying Dog Brewery of any responsibility for frostbite, loss of circulation to key limbs, loss of battery life on phone, and overall cold-weather bitterness. We will not let anyone in the building until the clock strikes noon, so you should probably dress like the younger brother in A Christmas Story.

Mother Nature is being a bitch again. Will the release go on if there’s inclement weather? 

At this point, we have no plans to reschedule the release due to the weather. If this guy isn’t panicking, then we don’t feel the need to either. If that changes, we’ll announce it on our website and via social media, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Can I call ahead and reserve bottles? 

No. You can only purchase bottles on-site from noon to 8 pm, even if you try to sweet talk us or offer to off Nicholas Cage. Once and for all. 

Can I call during the sale hours, buy the beer, and have it shipped to me?

Again, no. It’s illegal in Maryland for a brewery to ship beer directly to consumers. It’s also illegal in Maryland to grow thistles in your yard, throw bales of hay out of second-story windows, and give or receive oral sex. 

Is there a limit on how many bottles I can purchase? 

Yes sir/ma’am. There will be a strictly-enforced two bottle per style, per person limit. If you want more than that, bribe and bring your friends to buy for you. (But if you need to bribe your friends to come to a brewery, you may have some issues to sort out before you start worrying about buying more than two bottles of beer.)

Once I buy my beer, what can I do? 

While we cannot serve beer by the glass quite yet, we are able to serve beer samples. Also, from noon to 8 pm, The Green Bowl food truck will be serving up their famous fare and PUTTING A FRIED EGG ON TOP OF EVERYTHING.

Are growler fills and other packaged beer to-go available during the release?

You bet your ass they are. However, by law, we can only sell a total of 288 oz. of beer to each person. We’ll let you do the math from there. 

Will bottles of Barrel-Aged Gonzo be available at my local bottle shop after the release?

Nope. And while you’re in reading mode, you might want to check out what the word “exclusive” means. 



DC 101 Febrewary

Ditch the usual traffic tune-in and listen to DC101 LIVE in our tasting room. 

From 3 to 7 pm, DC101’s Roche will be broadcasting live alongside music starting at 5:30 by The Scott and Dan Show. We’ll also have $1.01 growler fills of our Pale Ale, Roche’s favorite, from 3-5 pm. (There is a limit of one growler per person.) 

Pre-sale tickets are SOLD OUT. Limited tickets will be available for walk-ups, and are first come, first serve.

Doors open at 2:30 pm. Only those 21 and older will be admitted. Valid ID is required for entry.




HBC-431 is a hop so new, it doesn’t even have a name. It’s an experimental variety from a cutting-edge hop supplier. 

With a unique combination of melon, tropical fruit, stone fruit, pine and earth notes, our head brewer said it’s unlike any beer he’s ever been with. 

We told him that everyone goes through an experimental phase. 

Single Hop Imperial IPA with HBC-431, our first Single Hop series release of 2015, just hit the bottle and is available for growler fills in our tasting room starting tomorrow. It also premieres on draft next Thursday at Sean Bolan’s in Bel Air, MD.

From there, it will be available in 6-packs and on tap throughout the mid-Atlantic. Check our Beer Finder to track it down near you.  



Mexican Hot Chocolate

One was inspired by a dark chocolate with jalapeño she can’t resist at our local organic co-op. The other grew up in Southern California and he consistently had a mug of the real thing in-hand at friends’ houses. 

The duo behind our Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout used both experiences to craft our first Brewhouse Rarities release of 2015. 

With lactose, cinnamon, serano chiles and cocoa powder added to the beer, a combination of sweet spice and roasted chocolate aromas are followed by flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon and a lingering chili finish. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout premieres in our tasting room tomorrow. Our tasting sessions fill up quick, so reservations are strongly encouraged and walk-up admission is not guaranteed. Click the times below to claim your spot:

Can’t make it out to the brewery? Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout will be available on draft and in 6-packs as early as next week in Maryland, DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and New York City. Use our Beer Finder to track it down near you. 



Single Hop INSTA

2015 will be bitter ’til the very end. 

With your average IPA calling for up to six different hops, our Single Hop Imperial IPA series is a way for our genius brewers to highlight the minute characteristics of individual hop varieties. This year, we’re working with:

  • HBC-431, February release
  • Warrior, April release
  • Columbus, July release
  • Apollo, October release

HBC-431 is a hop so new, it doesn’t even have a name. An experimental variety from a cutting-edge hop supplier, it has a unique combination of tropical fruit, citrus and melon and distinct earthy notes. Our head brewer, Ben, said it was unlike any hop he’s worked with before.  

The remaining three — Warrior, Columbus, and Apollo — are all hops typically reserved for initial bittering, not necessarily for flavor and aroma. Brewing involves a precise schedule of hop additions, with certain varieties reserved for bittering, flavor and aroma (in that order). But we’re thinking that maybe timing isn’t everything, and it’s these guys’ time to shine.  

All of our Single Hop Imperial IPAs will be available on draft and in 6-packs in the mid-Atlantic. As each release nears, check our Beer Finder to track them down near you.




Nurse that Superbowl hangover, call in sick, get a sitter, and blow off the gym. We’re releasing this year’s Barrel-Aged Gonzo Imperial Porter on Monday, February 2 in our tasting room. And our brewery is the only place you can get your hands on this dark and delicious bourbon barrel-aged monster in bottles.

New this year is an very limited run of Rum Barrel-Aged Gonzo. That’s right, RUM. The famed Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore got their hands on some South American rum barrels, which we were more than happy to take off their hands for the greater good of the Gonzo. Bottles of this bad boy are also available exclusively at Flying Dog and draft is only at Max’s. 

We’ll be serving up samples of your favorites and The Green Bowl food truck will be serving up our favorite fare.

Supply of both beers are limited, so get here early to get your hands on it. Availability is not guaranteed once the release begins. Doors will open at noon and there is a two bottle per person limited.

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