American Craft Beer Week Twitter contest winner

Last week, we had a Twitter contest in honor of American Craft Beer Week. Each day we asked the twitterverse what craft beer they were drinking. It didn’t have to be Flying Dog beer, we just wanted to show our support for the American craft beer industry. This industry is unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of. Even though the 1500+ craft brewers are all competing against each other for shelf space, tap handles and the like, I think we all realize that we’re united in this fight for better beer.

We got a few hundred responses over the week (thanks to all who participated!), and used a very scientific method of picking a winner. So without further ado, the winner is @freemandaddy5 for his tweet:

@flyingdog #craftbeer I’m drinking the best!

We’ll be sending @freemandaddy5 some Flying Dog swag! He’s also a die-hard Gonzo enthusiast (just take a look at his twitter homepage).

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@freemandaddy5 says:

Thanks for the win but i was just telling the truth ! “I Drink The Best” Thank You @flyingdog @nealstewart and @flyingdogjc

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