All You Need Is Love…And Beer

Ben and Lauren

On Saturday, December 12, Ben and Lauren came to Flying Dog Brewery for a tour and samples. They had been on a tour before and said they decided to come back for the relaxing atmosphere (and obviously for some beer). Upon their arrival and throughout their trek through the brewery, Lauren had no idea that she was in for much more than a tour and a few beers.

After consuming what she described as, “some liquid courage called Old Scratch,” Ben proposed to Lauren in our brewery parking lot.

A featured guest at their upcoming nuptials? Flying Dog beer, of course.

wayne and teresa says:

awesome and congratulations to our new grand daughter and ben you did GOOD
love you grandpa and teresa

wayne and teresa says:

congratulations and we welcome our new granddaughter to our family love you both and now it BEHOOVES you to set the date
love grandpa and teresa

mom and dad says:

Beer is good for you! We couldn’t be happier for you guys!! We Love You!!

PS Now we have to make arrangements to get the beer to Marco for the wedding =D

Uncle Greg & Susan says:

All the best to both of u. Congrats & Best wishes 4 a wonderful future together!

linca1 says:

Congrats and Mazel Tov on your engagement!!

Love ya!

Cousin Marcie says:

Ingenious, creative, AND romantic! I am so happy for you both!!! Alan and and I can load up our car with beer for the wedding if you want…gimme a date and a place! CONGRATS!
Love, Cousin Marcie

lwothers says:

awww thanks everyone! i had no idea people were leaving comments on here.. the real question is how do we get flying dog beer to FL so everyone may enjoy our favorite brewski! :)

dad says:

how come he waited till the parking lot? no guts to do it in public? lmao

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