A Day in the Life of a Beer Salesman

This blog post is for all you whipper-snappers out there that think selling beer is the easiest and best job in the world.  You think it’s all about going out to bars, staying out all night and buying people beer?  Well, let me tell you something – it’s HARD WORK!

You ever think about how hard it is to work a beer festival?  After lugging kegs for what seems like miles, you have to ice the beer, set up a tent, hang banners and THEN put on a smiling face and greet hundreds (if not thousands) of eager and thirsty beer people while waxing poetically about your product for hours on end.

That’s why you have to recruit people to help.

Thankfully, our very own Jim Lutz is a master recruiter.  He doesn’t let just anyone work in our beer tent – he recruits some of some of the hottest women in the area to pour and sample Flying Dog’s Litter of Ales.  Check out some of his work from Nashville’s “Music City Beer Fest”.

Nicely done, Mr. Lutz, nicely done.

group flying dog

Oh yeah, I guess he got some dudes to help too.

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